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    Well time is almost here... My ALBUM IS SOON to be released, under CANYON RECORDS..

    Had a rough year. Living in a tent, killed us. My wife's father, Grandfather, uncle and nephew all passed away within a few weeks.

    It is good to be home.. Miss you all... I added all of you to my Thank u list on my Album :)
    I wannabe cool.....2

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    I'm so sorry for you and your wife's loss. I'll send you good thoughts, and you and your family will be in my prayers.


    Way cool that your album is being released soon. I was actually at the Canyon Records website earlier this morning, looking to see if it was out yet. I have a good friend who loves native flute, so I was gonna get her your album for her birthday!

    I'll keep checking back at Canyon Records. Do you know when the album's gonna drop? And its title?


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      Sending prayers and good thoughts your way for you and your family. Good to see you back and YAYY!! On your album being released good job!!


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        Sorry for the losses you've had to deal with this year. Glad to hear about the music. :)
        Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

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          you rock dude!


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