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Yr favorite pw hotel?

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  • Yr favorite pw hotel?

    When we need a room, me the hubby and dog stay at Super8. Then if there booked then it's Motel 6. It' rare if we stay anywhere else. On sheer principle I'll spend no more than $60 bucks. A friend of our's this past summer got us a room in SouthDakota, for $30 bucks. And no it wasn't a roach hotel either. It was really a cute lil room. That's the cheapest place we've ever stayed at.:p

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    Holiday Inns are my favorite. If the towns don't have it I look for Radisson or Hyatt.


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      you mean you don't pay extra for tha pooch?


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        We look for Hampton Inn & Suites....they have the Playstations for the kids...;), got to keep them happy....LOL....
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          Super 8 baby!!!!!!! Shoot as long as I have a place to sleep and shower and there are no wierdos creeping around, I'm good to go. During the summer we like to camp at the powwow ground or throw a tent up in someone's yard.


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            Any hotel filled up with other indians for the week end.
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              Do I pay extra

              It's usually a five buck to ten buck charge. There were times when I had to throw a blanket over here and sneek her in. "Oh yr baby has a tail".:Angel:


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                super 8 all the way!!! gotta use that VIP card!
                Life's Short, Powwow Hard


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                  right right....

                  Originally posted by peekaboo
                  Any hotel filled up with other indians for the week end.

                  wherever the drums r :D

                  Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

                  ~Flat Beat~


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                    Re: right right....

                    Originally posted by Emmy
                    wherever the drums r :D

                    "Ribbit ribbit ribbit!" j/p;)

                    After this has got to be the HOLIDAE INNNNN!!
                    Got percap?


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                      Whever the powwow committee puts me, as long as it has ac/heat and a decent bed and a half working showerhead and the soap isnt all used up, Im game!!
                      :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

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                        My husband has to do his Flush test for every hotel visit. If it don't pass he ain't happy.:o


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