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How did you come across Pw.comz?

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  • How did you come across Pw.comz?

    I found it by accident, when we 1st got our PC and our internet service. I began by typing ndn pic's and it gave me this site. My life since, has never been the same. I tell very few that I'm on here all the time. I don't want peep's to think I'm a nerd.:devil

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    I really dont remember, could have been drunken stupor but i don't believe my drinkin days started at the advent of being on pwws.com.....I really don't remember......hmmm :Thinking

    all I remember was waking up and already being on powwows.com (aye:p)
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      I found this site thru a German site goto http://www.naaog.de for the info.
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        :Thinking German?????


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          there was a "who's the best fancy dancer poll" and my coworker at the time told me to check it out & vote...
          since then, my 8 hour days have been dedicated to pws.com
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            If i remember correctly....i was doing a search for "powwows" and this site came up, so i checked it out. I didn't register right away tho.....i didn't think the site was very user friendly at first.....now i guess you could say i'm addicted.

            Does anyone know when the site was started? I just realized that i've been a member for 2yrs now.....hollay!
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              i cant remember.... too long ago... cant remember what i had 4 dinner last night...

              probably a search 4 powwows or somethin
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                my husband knew about this site before I did; he used it to look up powwows. so one day he had me look something up, and i saw the message board and that was it for me. im on almost everyday :)
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                  REVENGE .....Sheer and unadulterated REVENGE, ayyy

                  Just read some of the posts and couldn't help myself....
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                    I think i was lookin fo a pow wow then I dunno didnt start postin till i met tha hommies :p :Chatter :Chatter The Rest is History EEEE :rofl2: :rofl2:
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                      a friend of mine tole me to check it out...someone on here wuz tryin to talk smack about her n she wanted me to jump on here to see wut they were sayin...but for the life of me i couldn't read any of the posts lol...stupid computer...newayz...here i am
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                        I was searchin for some info on different things on Powwows and this site came up.
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                          They put a chat filter on my comp, so then I did a search on powwows and boom! There she is, actin awful...lol


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                            i cant remember either. but i been here for a long time. 8 devoted hours to pws.com daily. :)
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                              I almost didn't find it because I frequently went to NdnSports.com and alot of the people would talk about pws.com or pwz.com or pwows.com or pwwowz.com. I tried all of them and when I would type in the address I'd get the usual error message and I tried Powwows.com and it was operational. So thats my long and drawn out story of how I got here. It's really neat here and I look to post when ever I can.


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