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Leave turned on or turn it off???

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    Originally posted by ShttinPretty
    hey ya hag!!

    :Chatter :Chatter


    :Chatter :Chatter why hello fellow Hag :Chatter
    *~*~*Drum Bunnies of the Pow Wows Unite *~*~**~


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      Originally posted by Drum_bunny
      :Chatter :Chatter why hello fellow Hag :Chatter
      :Chatter :Chatter

      Okay just wanted to say whats up there, had fun with ya teasing and all but looks like the chick couldn't dig it lol :Chatter :Chatter anyways i got bizz to take care of here, so holla at ya later!!

      80% devil 20% Angel


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        Originally posted by ShttinPretty
        :Chatter :Chatter

        Okay just wanted to say whats up there, had fun with ya teasing and all but looks like the chick couldn't dig it lol :Chatter :Chatter anyways i got bizz to take care of here, so holla at ya later!!


        :Chatter ok i gotta go finish a paper before my next class too almost forgot had too much fun almost forgot :Blush :cya:
        *~*~*Drum Bunnies of the Pow Wows Unite *~*~**~


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          I get excited just to here it ring. Yea....have money for phone minutes.:bouncy: Unless I'm broke then it's off.


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            I always leave my phone on (when I remember to bring it with me). People that sit behind me get pretty annoyed but oh well, can't please everybody. :Angel2


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              Originally posted by Mato Winyan
              Yeah.. and it may not be so bad cause she uses the vibrate thingie .. but man.. it gets to be alittle distracting when she keeps calling people to call her back!!

              :taunting: :rofl2:
              LOL you chicas are funny...
              Hotty with tha body


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                its gonna be off though when Lord of the Rings is out on december 17th


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                  Originally posted by bushy_braids
                  i saw gothika... it was SCARY!... actually more suspensful & that's what i lubb - movies that make ya think & keep you on the edge of your seat. i was sooo intense during that movie... i was all slouched down in my seat, covering my eyes & holding my breath... hahaha! i had to laugh @ myself though, cause i'm like a lil' kidd in the movies... screamin' & hiding

                  yeah that looked like a scarey movie!!

                  I wanna see MISSING :devil lol... but i dunno if i'll just end up walking out of the theater :Chatter :Chatter


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                    i think i still leave mine turned on


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                      I have mine on silent (no vibrations either--LOL)--that way I'm not a rude-a$$ person. Actually I am, because I take people's phones away that ring and put them out in the hall. :Chatter

                      OK, I'm not serious about that.
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                        I turn mine off cuz its hard to talk and watch the movie at the same time...i aint that coordinated yet LOL:Chatter :Chatter :Chatter
                        yeah, yeah, yeah...

                        ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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                          I leave mine on silent but the light is like a flash light :) then I :secrets:
                          call me back iam at the movies :p i dont want to be inconsiderate but i dont want to miss any calls



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                            I like to get right into the movie... so I don't want any ringing... to distract me. I go "Uugh.. " when someone's cell goes off. :p So, I'm not gonna do that same thang. I leave mine on "vibration mode"..

                            lol... except this weekend.. My sister kept sending me text messages while I was watching the movie. SO, I juss had to reply. Hehehe... My cell phone is so bright.. lol... hope the light didn't annoy anyone.. :Chatter
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