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    Yeah, so are you and the family or whomever partaking in a gift exchange this year???

    We opted out of it this year, we're umm scrooges yeah i know buh-humbug lol.. jk :devil

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    :Chatter :Chatter well i always buy presents fo my sistas and nieces and nephews hurr at work i prolly wont buy em nadda :p :Chatter :Chatter jus a pack of cigs :Chatter :Chatter if any
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      Every year we do a gift exchange. But me and my folks serve at the church for the families who come for the meals. Its great because we hand out gifts to the children as well.


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        i wanna do :Naugther gift exchanges with the homiez

        :p :Naughty

        :Chatter :Chatter


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          my kids always make gifts for me, I would rather have those than ones from the store, and I like to tell them when I look through my jewelry box etc, "Hey remember you made this 3years ago for x-mas", or they take pics of themselves and each other and frame them, i think those are the best types of gift.....Last year I wrote special letters and poems to my close friends telling them how much they mean to me, I know it sounds corny, but it was something that I wanted to do for them....


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            this year....if we dont go home....its goin to be easy shopping...cause we'll probably just shop for ourselves(which is cool beacuse we can buy stuff that we really crave)
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              Gift exchange.. YES! For the older peeps in my family.. cuz I'm just poor student. :Chatter :Chatter My parents always end up buying gifts for everyone tho... We were all wanting to get picked by our parents last year.. hehehe.. I'll be hitting Wal-Mart for toys and clothes for my little nieces and nephews.

              As for my buddies.... we might do one. Yay!.. That's an extra gift. :p
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                I'm giving only Victoria Secret gift cards to ALL my buds(its the gift that keeps on giving!).O U T T I E:Angel2


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                  gift exchange is funnn... we do that here @ work sometimes, you know the "white elephant parties"... always get weirdo stuff though, sometimes makes ya wonder where certain gifts come from , or who would actually buy junk like that!
                  anyways...i always get gifts for each fam member, and although you can never go wrong w/gift cards... they're more "impersonal." i lubb giving personalized gifts... nothing better than that! and besides... the idea of a gift is giving them something you think they'd like, not something they necessarily want... so get creative with it!
                  my sister gives, makes, has the most creative, innovative, wonderful ideas when it comes to gift giving... every one of the gifts she's given me has been the best! each year is a new surprise.
                  since i can't dich her when we go xmas shopping, it's like we treat each other to a xmas shopping spree... hahaha... and still wrap it up & act surprised on xmas... HAHAH! it's funn though!
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