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    What is your favorite must see holiday season movie?
    I like (don't laugh) but I like the Peanuts Christmas cartoon and A Christmas Story. I really laugh hard when he b-b guns his eye glass out.

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    you too huh tha christmas story is a must see i dont care if i know it like tha back if my head every year i gotta watch it :p YOU'll Shoot your eye out and the grinch the original verison ;)
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      i like a christmas story...

      muppets christmas carol....

      the new grinch wif jim carey...
      Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

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        I like the Charlie Brown Christmas...especially when they sing at the end and their mouths look like a circle
        yeah, yeah, yeah...

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          Christmas Story

          Tis the season to be jorry, Fa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa


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            Re: Christmas Story

            Originally posted by FAT AL
            Tis the season to be jorry, Fa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa
            O god that part is he-rrr-arrious!


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              First sesonal showing of It's A Wonderful Life starts on Thanksgiving.. then we go to Miracle on 34th Street and then Christmas Story after that... any others and in no particular order.
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                Miracle In The Wilderness
                This is absolutely my all time favorite Christmas/NDN movie of all.
                Hands down it goes back to the true meaning of x-mas!
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                  i like the griswalds xmas :p and charlie brown and A christmas story and the grinch and the santa clause one and two :Chatter :Chatter
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                    Re: Christmas Story

                    Originally posted by FAT AL
                    Tis the season to be jorry, Fa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa Ra Ra Ra Raaaa
                    aaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahhahah!:Chatter :Chatter
                    i must say, this is my all time fav movie to watch during the season. i think one of the tv stations actually plays a christmas story non-stop for 24 hrs! can you believe it? all through xmas eve & xmas day the station is locked on this movie!

                    i also like watchin' miracle on 34th street... i always watch that movie w/my pops!

                    frosty the snowman is my fav too... oh yeah and rudolph the rednose reindeer w/herbie the elf
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                      santa clause, and santa clause 2...

                      the grinch
                      the old how the grinch stole christmas
                      miracle on 34th street

                      ELF is freeking hilarious, i think everyone should see that will ferrel movie....

                      the best way to spread holiday cheer is to sing loud and clear.

                      all's fair in love and pow wow.... see ya around


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                        [email protected] FaRaRaRaRa rarara ... Christmas Story .. my favorite part is where that kid stuck his tongue on that pole .. and yep the part where the kid breaks his glasses .. he bawls like crazee :Cry .. then the part where they all crack up after the dog(s) took off w/ the turkey :rofl2: they do show this on some channel back to back

                        The Grinch is also a good movie and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a classic! :) the part where chevy chase zooms down on that sled into the walmart is hilarious!
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                          Once TNT started the "Christmas Story" 24 hour marathon, I kinda got tired of that movie *L* I only like to watch it w/my brother Mike cuz the way he laughs about the stuff makes it funnier!

                          I like The Grinch tho w/Jim Carrey and um... A Charlie Brown Xmas :)


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                            charlie brown..."i killed it... aw everything i touch gets ruined"

                            clark griswald"i hope nobody i know sees me standin in my front lawn starin at the house in my pajamas""if they know your father theyll think nuthing of it" :Chatter

                            both grinches

                            ELF *see my sig*

                            santa clause movies

                            and rudoplh you know the one with burl ives


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                              ooh ooh ooh! and THE MUPPETS i got two muppet xmas movies :p


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