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  • Think!

    Now all of you gurls and guys answer truthfully and honestly.what do all of you think of the jingle dress dancers that try to copy from other people.

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    Life is more than what we see...


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      :Help i feel a lil sorry for them...cause they dont have their own creativity
      Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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        jingle huh

        Well maybe the girl needed some inspiration and she picked the girl she thought had the best moves and tried to do them to her best ability, she might just be learning and wants to try something new, I don't know let the girl do it once or twice then check her on it and may be say here let me show you somethin and just let her try it or just check her and let it be know those are your steps.


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          That song comes to mind - Copy katter dirty ratter!O U T T I E:Angel2


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            I feel sorry for them...maybe they don't have anyone to show them new steps. or maybe they are emulating the other dancer because they idolize them...or maybe they are psycho and are trying to take over their identity?!?!

            :D LOL
            yeah, yeah, yeah...

            ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

            If quizzes are "quizical"...What are tests?


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              maybe they just need someone or some idea to start off with till they can find their own moves....unless theyve been doing this for years...but when did moves become patent.

              " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                i would have to agree with sbz4life,maybe they just trying to start out or something; but then again, like he said, when did moves become patented?? :p

                my dtr dances traditional, and we was at bago pw, and she danced her contest. i thought she did well, i always think long as she did her best. but when she came to bring her shawl and fan to me, one of her aunties whispered something in her ear. after that my dtr was kinda mad, and then when she was going to go walk around, one of her uncles said something to her she she was all bummed out and didnt want to dance after that. i tried to ask her what was wrong, and she wouldnt tell me for a long time. finally, she told me that they were telling her what she supposedly did wrong, and what she needed to do more made me mad that they said these things to her. after she did her best, i didnt see them dancing out there. i just told my daughter not to listen too much to them, cuz she has her own style. i told my husband about it, and he said oh they were just trying to help her out. and i was like, whatever...they brought her down, and bummed her out!! i told him that champions arent champions cuz they copy all the others, they have their own style. and shes only 9, and developing her style and to let her be. damn, shes a princess, and shes been placing here and there.....some people just should keep stuff to themselves. but like i said, champions dont get that way copying others :)
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