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    Originally posted by ndn_butterfly
    Girl I know what you mean! I have a niece too, and she absolutely lights up my life and brings new meaning to it. I cried when I seen her for the first time, she was so beautiful, and still is:)
    The thing that would make me cry everytime I called home..My parents would tell me that she would go outside
    and yell "Auntie Nana Hum Home":Cry
    or now, when I call her up (she's 2)..and we talk for a bit, I tell her that I miss her and love her..then she kisses both ends of the phone to send me kisses:Cry
    Girls, those are too cute, made this ole koko choke back a tear with those. My nieceyboo is now 18 and has her own lil baby sweetness, the love jus' goes on and on.....


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      More love

      My niece (my cousin's daughter, but my niece in the ndn way) just got out of jail, next door to where I work. She didn't have a ride home and I was so happy to see her. Dropped her home she was all excited to go see her babies, her per cap check was waiting, etc. and she had so much on her mind. As I went to hug her goodbye I musta not leaned forward fast enough she didn't realize she said "gimme" under her breath like hurry up and give me your face so I can kiss your

      I'm so happy she'll be home wit her family. There, that's my love contribution for today. Maybe I'll have some more material by


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        Loves wantin to always be with that special lady and never wanting to see her go. I had that once but she's married now; maybe again some day.



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