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What Do You Love About Ur BF/GF?

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  • What Do You Love About Ur BF/GF?

    theres probably been a thread like this b4 BUT WHO CARES heres another one..........

    SOOOOOO What do you love about your 'special sumone'?

    I love how hes alwyas there for me and his son whenever we need him and how he tells me he loves me everyday....Theres so much I love about him. I love him because he loves me through all my faults and what not.....
    " I'll Always Have Mad Love For That Fool! "

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    I love the way he makes me feel and all the love he gives me and he puts up with my bratty moments.


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      double g's

      Goodness and GERTH
      Friends dont let friends take home ugly Men. :huddle:



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        That dork.. *L* he can always make me laugh..and cheesy as it sounds.. smile :D :p *L* He puts up with me!! *L* Listens to everything I have to say.. and loves me for me.. regardless if i'm a dork or not also *L* Makes me soo happy!!! :Tongue
        "Smile If U's A Hottie" :50:

        "Good Better Best Never Let It Rest Until The Good Is Better And The Better Is Best" :D


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          i like the way he makes my crabby patties:p
          i love his humor
          Death: The pain passes but the beauty remains.


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            I Love him Because...

            ~He Loves me for Who I am, and constantly encourages me
            ~When he picks up his guitar and sings to me..especially when he sings this song called "I fell in love again"..makes me:Cry
            ~When I can look into his eyes and know exactly how he feels
            ~ He makes me laugh and consoles me when I cry
            ~ He Believes in Me
            ~ I love his personality, his smile, and his humor

            and of course all the stupid moments we had together
            ~1 Day I was walkin to the bus stop to go to school, and he was comin back from the store..I was pretending not to know him :Chatter we walked by eachother, he grabbed my hand and kissed me..then he pulls away lookin all dazed and said.."whats your name again"..What a dumba**...:Chatter
            (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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              I love the way she can put her legs behind her head....:Eyepopper :Naughty


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                His humour, he's hilarious! Always making a joke out of something. Even when I get crabby, he gets me laughing the silly nut! :Chatter
                "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                  My babe can always make me laugh. What made me fall for him the most was when I came down with an illness that affected the movements of my face. When everyone else looked at me funny he stayed with me and made me feel beautiful anyways...:Heart


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                    Originally posted by Miss Ojib
                    My babe can always make me laugh. What made me fall for him the most was when I came down with an illness that affected the movements of my face. When everyone else looked at me funny he stayed with me and made me feel beautiful anyways...:Heart
                    Aww thats just sweet girl! You're lucky to have a man like him:)
                    (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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                      Everything. Everything from the way she can make me laugh right up to how good she makes me feel. :D EVERYTHING!!!
                      The shortest distance between two points is a straight the opposite direction.


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                        She has lots of money and spends it on me.
                        It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                          I love his Tallness! :)


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                            Ah, where to start, the one from :

                            The one from California: her money
                            The one from New Mexico:her money
                            The one from Minnesota:her money and her car!!

                            :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

                            " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                              I loved my girl friends way of making eveyone around her feel like they were important. She was always friendly and cheerful; it made me feel proud to be with her. She was beautiful. She still is but now she's married.



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