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  • what are you thinking??

    im thinking.........should i go to class or not???? i hate finals.....why did it have to end so soon????
    its a shame that stupidity isnt painful

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    Oh I feel for ya! Finals suck big time. But then you'll be on break!!! And sweating it out until you get your grades.:Chatter

    So GO TO CLASS!!:p It never pays to skip.

    Anyway, I was thinking I better get to work or they're gonna can my a$$. Then I'll have no 'puter!:Cry
    ...it is what it is...


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      Finals are a tough thing especially during the holidays but think how good it will feel when there finally over.

      I was thinking what a blast I had up at Shasta! I'm still there man!


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        I'm thinkin'--
        My finals (still got four papers due)
        What am I going to get for my girls for Christmas:)
        Im wondering If I should go to my powerflex class tonight at Bally's (but I already worked out for an hour at gym today) hmm
        How many more crunches until I have a flat belly
        This one dude!;) Well...just a little bit (no really just a little)
        The Ravens game on Sunday that Ima be going to :D
        My guitar!

        I can go on and on.......
        Life is more than what we see...


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          I'm thinkin after the 1st of the year I'll miss all you crackups. My job is ending and it will be awhile before I'm back online again.


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            As a guy, I'm thinking the usual..

            If'n you ain't the granddaddy of all liars. The little critters of nature they don't know that they're ugly. That's very funny! A fly marrying a bumblebee. I told you I'd shoot! But you didn't believe me. Why didn't you believe me?

            -Stinky Wizzleteats, genius


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              Aw man. That's too bad, Awful! I hope you find another way to get back online.

              btw: Thanks for the Kegel reminder! :p I'm a Kegel drop out!!:Chatter
              ...it is what it is...


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                Originally posted by hmeboy
                As a guy, I'm thinking the usual..
                hey.. least you admitted it! hahaha, btw i lubb the sugar pix... that's totally me on a suger high! hahhaha

                but i hear you about school... i've been dreading going to class and the weather & holidays make it soo much harder! i'd rather go home and chill out, sleep and just hang out... but i didn't pay all that money for nuttin'!
                so i just sleep & chill out in class... haha, jks. but for real, school is a priority and i keep tellin' myself "you're almost there!" i really wanna finish!
                but keep it up... only a lil' longer to go... then a lubbly month-long break... so stick in there... and GOOD LUCK to everyone writing papers & studying for them finals... it's good to be a nerd!

                "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                  he he cute
                  Hotty with tha body


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                    Man, right now it's the hardest, but a week left before finals and then it's straight out partying for a month. lol. Just wish this semester was over, but NO MORE LABS!!!!!! Oh crap, I just remembered I didn't finish a presentation.

                    Good Luck to all on your finals!!!
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