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    Originally posted by buckskin pantyhose
    Yup...Telemarketing SUCKED! I "attempted" to sell Credit Card insurance....lasted about a week i think. They were phone nazi's i swear, if we weren't dressed in complete business atire, they'd send us home! How man college kids do you know that have complete business wardrobes??? NOT ME!

    The 2nd worse job i had was working in a Childrens Clothing Store....the job itself wasn't bad but the stank women that worked there made it hell.

    Those two jobs were worse than flippin burgers...i've done that too...stayed loyal to burger king till i went to Fuddruckers. (free food & decent complaints here!)
    Did the telemarketing thing also and I lasted there about a week. Never again! SUCKED!


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      I sold newspapers all over the U.S. when I was telemarketing! I mean for real!Who wants a freakin newspaper delivered when you can just go online and read it?!?! Other than that I can't relly think. Well actually this one time I was a waitress at a truck stop and I got hired when I was 6 months preg. and the girl that hired me was the bosses daughter. Well the boss was away when I got hired and when she came back and saw that her daughter had hired me knowing I was preg. she knew she couldn't fire me because of it so the witch cut my hours down to 5 a week! she was trying to get me to quit! Well I did because I seriously needed the money!And I wasn't getting any there.
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        Demonstrator ~ which meant I passed out Cherry 7-Up to grocery shoppers for :Eyepopper 8 stinking hours on my feet!!

        But I did make $12.00 an hour and met a few cute guys, :Thinking huh?

        I guess it wasn't too bad a job after all, now that I think about it :Idea
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          Originally posted by Gah-Gah!
          Demonstrator ~ which meant I passed out Cherry 7-Up to grocery shoppers for :Eyepopper 8 stinking hours on my feet!!

          But I did make $12.00 an hour and met a few cute guys, :Thinking huh?

          I guess it wasn't too bad a job after all, now that I think about it :Idea

          Ewwwww, no fun....remember when Mom came to check-up on you, and your boyfriend was there hanging-out with you!!! Busted! That was soooo funny, too bad cell phones weren't big back then.....:uptosomet!
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            i worked for this doctor as a file assistant. so every day i had to pull people's files for the next days' appts.... which was the easy part.

            The worst part was the office manager was this big woman that had a 5 o'clock shadow at noon for her beard that she had to shave. She was a nazi. I got hired to re-organize the file room which was a huge disaster but I re-organized it in 2 weeks which she expected would take a month. Anyways she was always yelling at me and treating me like a lil kid even tho i was 20.

            Worst manager ever. she must've read a book on slave labor or something.

            Finally one day she started yelling at me for losing a patient's file when the Doctor had it all along so besides making me cry i finally had it and so I told her and called her a big fat ***** and made her pay me right there so i could leave and never come back.

            dang.... she made me join the military! I thought if I could deal w/her crap a drill sergeant couldn't be that bad. ;)
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              Well...I'm quitting my current job as they have no come into my list of one of my worst jobs.
              They won't let me take time off so I can take my finals!!!! :Yell

              So, yeah, I'm giving them my one day notice tomorrow. Ba$tards can rot in :devil
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                Worst Job

                Working for Greeks they suck big time!!!:Mad :Mad
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                  Re: my worst job was...

                  Originally posted by bushy_braids
                  working for a month @ KIDS "R" US
                  that place sucked! maaaaaaaaan... you would figure it would be kids to rip that store apart... but it was the parents! they were sooo messy!

                  YEAH MAN!! i agree with u about kids r us...i wuz in the girls 4-6x dept...n the dressin rooms were such a mess!!...i hated workin there..the pay wasn't even good...thats why i wuz there for only a week...shoot everytime i go clothes shoppin either for me or my daughter...i always put the clothes back on the rack..sometimes i'll even straighten them out while i'm look lol...i know wut its like to have clean up others mess...bad habit i guess...NEWAYZ...oh n home depot....i mean it wuz alright when it wuz busy...cuz then u weren't jus standin around LOOKIN for somethin to do..but come xmas when ur freezin ur *** out in the garden dept. cuz they need a cashier to ring up xmas trees...MAN:Mad
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                    Any insurance job rates right up there.


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                      i think my worst jobs were production jobs...i had three of them in my life, and i dont intend to take up anymore. i worked at this candy company for about six months, anyone ever heard of twin bing candy bars?? well i started out in the dept that makes them, and that was really gross. cuz you had your hands in that chocolate and peanut stuf they called it hash, and you had to sit all day making them with these things that were like ice cream dippers. it was hard on the hands. and some of the people that worked there were disgusting...i mean to have their hands in that hash...bare hands..who knows where their hands have been, and this one old lady who worked there for 18 years sitting in the same chair all them years (she was kinda not all there either) she would sneeze all over the hash :( and this is really gross but this one girl would scratch the zits off her back and then continue making her bings the place wasnt very sanitary, and the candy bars sat on trays for weeks before they were packaged sometimes. and the sink where we washed our hands were backed up from the chocolate and peanut mixture :Chatter and they didnt make us use gloves or hair nets, only when the newspaper or tv reporters were there during their anniversary! sometimes there would be hair on the conveyer belt that the candybars were on...sick :p oh and we had to listen to country music all day long :Cry cuz thats what the supervisor liked. then i got moved up to where they put the cherry centers in these separater things..its a big machine and it would shake to separate them. it wasnt so bad i was glad to get off of the bing line :p but one day i got my finger smashed inthe shaker thing, and it cut it open and i ran to the dirty sink to try to clean it, and they didnt even have a first aid kit in there..they had to go get one in another part of the plant...all my supe gave me was a piece of that stiff brown paper towel to wrap my finger!! i was sent to the dr. and it was broke; but they expected me to return to work that same day...which was stupid, cuz what could i do with a broken finger?? so, needless to say...i stayed there for about another month, and then i just quit the place grossed me out too much. so now, when we are at the store and my kids try to ask for a twin bing, i tell them no way!!! they pay was okay...but the place was so disgusting.
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                        CSR outbound! it sucked big ones! only lasted like two days. LOL


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                          I worked at a place once that sucked big time, didn't last but maybe 2 weeks. It was a place that dealt in puttin together concrete products for construction sites, we worked a 10 hour shift monday thru friday. Half that time would be spent building forms and the other half after lunch we would pour the concrete and if we had time we'd go back to building forms again. Talk about a boring job, maybe if the pay had been better, I might have stayed. Maybe not.


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