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Do your pets drink the Xmas......

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  • Do your pets drink the Xmas......

    The tree water? Along with drinking the water my dog hides underneath the tree. Getting her out is next to impossible. Then furget wrapping choclates. My dog has unwrapped those too. At least she leaves the decorations alone.:p

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    just be glad if your tomcat doesn't "spray" the tree
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      Originally posted by Wakalapi
      just be glad if your tomcat doesn't "spray" the tree
      :Shocked nnnooo way really?Or chew the lights? HHmm fried pussey cat.:p


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        Originally posted by Wakalapi
        just be glad if your tomcat doesn't "spray" the tree
        stinky deal
        Hotty with tha body


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          Re: Do your pets drink the Xmas......

          Originally posted by wallFlower
          Then furget wrapping choclates. My dog has unwrapped those too.
          oh no!! chocolate is really bad for makes them hallucinate!!!!
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            for some reason... my cat thinks he has to climb the tree each year... guess we should keep him from gettin' high off the cat nip huh!? and my cat used to drink the water too... i wonder if he ever got high off the tree sap? haha... jks
            he's a weird one... we use those cottony/glittery tree skirts for our tree... and i dunno what his deal is - but he'll go under the tree and start eatin' all the cotton! one year there was nearly no tree skirt left cause he ate/chewed through the whole thing!
            we feed that cat enough! he doesn't need to be drinkin'/ eatin' anymore!
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              I thought my dog was nutz, now I know I'm not alone.:Angel:


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