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  • Generic Brand Tennis Shoes

    What's up everyone? I'm sorta new here. Been surfing around for a few weeks but only made a few posts. Anyway, I was reading the generic soda thread and it made me think of when my parents used to buy me the generic brand tennis shoes when I was a kid. Anyone remember Jox and ProTech 1000's? I think I must have been in Junior High before I got my first pair of sneakers from Foot Locker. It felt like I was spending a fortune when I put like $40 into a pair of tennis shoes. What off brand sneaks did you have?

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    LA Gears :p :Chatter :Chatter
    *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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      Converse and I wore ProTech's in school as well *grins* :D :p
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        :Thumbs PUNKY BREWSTER SHOES :Thumbs


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          I thought British Knights were the shiznitz!! LOL my brother used to buy 'em for me all the time :Chatter


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            I had a pair of "Fast Backs" from this place called Anthony's thought they were the GREATEST EVER!

            I also had my fair share of fake adidas w/the 4 stripes & the payless version of the canvas keds. I use to wear a different color on each foot too..... yup! thought i was kewl!
            *BE EASY*


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              I'm a solely only so my child hood had me fortunate to have name brands. I gave my old ones to my friend that had 6 kids in his family though. To this day I always buy name brands.


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                hangs head in shame

                i had a pair of bo bos, like keds, from the pic an pay
                Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

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                  Originally posted by buckskin pantyhose
                  I also had my fair share of fake adidas w/the 4 stripes & the payless version of the canvas keds. I use to wear a different color on each foot too..... yup! thought i was kewl!
                  yea i did that too with my fake keds... punky brewster style. :)

                  Hey Fat Al *waves*

                  finally posting.... :)

                  i also had a pair of fake cole haans. those were some ugly shoes... what was i thinking?
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                    I loved my Kangaroos back in the day.

                    First I had low tops, then turquoise high tops, then electric blue hikers.

                    I think they're coming back, there's Kangaroos in EastBay now.

                    My latest shoes are generic no name white leather hightops. Thought I got a deal, but they're starting to crack.
           is what it is...


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                      Still advertising your mug I see Superndngyrl. Are you paying the webmaster for Billboard space or what?

                      I got a pair of dress shoes called Alfani? Do you think they're Armani knock offs?


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                        Originally posted by wyo_rose
                        My latest shoes are generic no name white leather hightops. Thought I got a deal, but they're starting to crack.
                        CRACKED! oh my goodness...i damn near forgot about that! i always had those flashy moon boots that would crack after spending to much time in the cold! damn moon boots anyway!
                        :lol2: (<-----Those have gotta be the two UGLIEST smileys ever!)
                        *BE EASY*


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                          LMAO @ cracked shoes. It'd suck to step in snow or in a mud puddle. I remember dem days :P


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                            Yep, cracked shoes suck.

                            Oh I almost forgot about Moon Boots. Nothing like putting your foot inside a plastic bag, even if it is covered with foam.:p
                   is what it is...


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                              What about those shoes with plastic soles? HAHAHA!

                              I remember back in the day when I had these cool looking shoes. You couldn't tell they were the generic kind until you heard me walking, especially coming out from the cold.--click click click. The soles appeared RUBBER looking but weren't!!
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