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Looking for car accessories?!

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  • Looking for car accessories?!

    I have a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS, and I am looking for accessories for it. I want a cold air intake, performance chip, outside accessories like, chrome trim. I am at deads end with Summit, & Jegs-they do not have what I need.
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    eBay first!

    and i um...

    i got my spoiler from spoilerdepot.com it comes painted if u want.
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      It'd be worth your 3-4 bucks to pick up one of those performance magazines from the store rack. They're loaded with ads for good equipment and almost every ad comes with a web page or a full online catalog to browse.

      Maybe even try www.jcwhitney.com, too.
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        I do most of my major purchasing online. The benefits outweigh the thumbs downs. Most of what you get in the actual stores are right at your typing fingers. :D


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