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    Originally posted by bushy_braids

    and the merry-go-round was my fav... rollin' off there lika buncha drunks... hahah!
    reminds me of when my brothers cousins etc and i were at p/w we cruised to burgerking at supper break .. their playground had this tinyazz merrygoround .. fast! 4 of us jumped on .. :rofl2: i LITERALLY flopped off cuz i couldnt hold on no more LOL everyone else followed either cuz they saw me or heard me *L*
    back to recess hehe .. yup .. peeps used to fight for the monkeybars and the swings .. we used to see who could jump the farthest with the swings *L* then the rainy days meant we all had to go to the "blacktop" .. troops would be mad cuz there werent any monkeybars or swings.. *L* .. P.E. ruled too!


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      As a grade school kid I was very fat so the other kids were really mean to me. I was usually the little kid watchin every one have fun. I'd make friends with the new kids but soon they'd get taken by the cool kids. I didn't like grade school much.


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        Maaaaaaaan, I used to play chinese skipping like a bytch. Be all "two, four, six, eight, in, on, out, twist" hahaha!!

        I usually spent my recesses plotting against the popular kids. Or getting chased and kicked in the box by boys. Or getting tackled by this one over-zealous fella who dislocated my shoulder.

        Tetherball was the shyt tho. Until the day I swung it so hard that it whooped around and knocked me unconcious. Oh and then there was the time I was doing apple turnovers on the monkey bars, fell off and suffered a concussion.

        Come to think of it, recess was more hazardous than Bible camp.
        Got percap?


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          i used to love tetherball!! does anyone remember chinese jumprope? that was fun too....a bunch of us girls used to play that all the time. and then i remember in grade school, there were two playgrounds. one for the little kids, like up til fourth grade, and then another one for the bigger kids fifth and sixth. but on the little playground there was this one bar that we used to swing that i think about it, it was dangerous!! cuz we were all into gymnastics,and we used to like twirl and stuff on it, and it was pretty high off the ground cuz you had to kinda jump and then pull yourself up to it. but now if i ever saw my dtr swingin on something like that, i would get after her....cuz its a wonder none of us ever fell off onto the blacktop and cracked our heads open!
          i used to hate dodge ball, but i loved kick ball. there was this one kid who was like kinda nerdy. and he used to wear these pointy cowboy boots to school all the time. we used to crack up cuz no one wanted him on their team cuz he didnt play very well, and we called his boots "ball poppers!" i was mean..but it still makes me laff!! :p cuz it looked just crazy, when he ran to kick the ball..and his boots were kinda turned up at the toe :Chatter
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            my friends and i used to always bring out "skip-its" to school and "skip it" at recess to see who would get the highest "skips"

            and sidewalk chalk was the most fun... playin' hop scotch too!
            "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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              I was chasing the girls and trying to snap their bras.:devil
              We want a lady on the streets but a freak in the bed!


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                Originally posted by NAPEW
                I was chasing the girls and trying to snap their bras.:devil
                What did you guys get out of doing that?
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