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  • Finals!!!

    i luv em!!.....LOL.........naw im kidding i have 2 exams today and i am so tired!! but i feel good about them juss thought i'd share!!

    EVERYONE WHO HAS FINALS.....................GOOD LUCK!!!!!:Angel2
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    I hate finals time cuz i have to turn in grades for my students and its their damn responsibility to turn in their effin evaluations!!! :Mad :Mad :Yell


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      i hate them

      i hate them so much...i have one more 500 word essay and i am done till the next semester starts again...i just have to hand in one more final, then i am done with that class for the rest of the school year. finals are so stupid...who thought of them?

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        Finished one up yesterday:p I wrote 14 freakin pages...
        1000 word essay to go
        Math 101 exam on Friday
        Language class exam next tues:p
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          yay im like totally frekain out about finals..i have one tomorrow for fund. of music,a vocal jury on friday, tuesday i gotta hand in my research paper for comp2...wednesday i got my final for fund of computing...and oh yay monday i got my voice class final(written) ihope thats all woops almost forgot soc. final on . is our last day here at owens cc....goood luck ppl on your finals-becca


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            Don't remind me.....I'm up here to 'escape' the thought of that "F" word.....
            "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

            ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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              I haven't taken a final in years!! *coughs* drop out! LOL nah... I'm plannin my attack on a major, just don't know which one yet :p GOOD LUCK to all y'allz who have to stay up late! Make Starbucks yer best fren :)


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                i'm a visual learner and i found that the best way to review is to write everything down. copy the answers from the review sheet and write 'em down on another sheet of paper- same with your notes. then when it comes down to test time you can visually imagine where your answers were and recall the correct one... or recall where you wrote the note!

                works everytime and many of my professors have suggested it as well.

                luckily i only have one exam... but i am dreading it... history in the 20th century! GRRRRR....
                thank goodness i don't have one in my tv class... we're just in production now... how fuN!

                anyways... good luck to everyone... just remember the break is right around the corner!
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                  Yay!!! I have ONE more exam left... Microeconomics. Uugh!!

                  Tuesday.. I had two exams: Human Resources Mgmt and then Business Computer Applications at 7pm!!

                  Today.. I had Accounting I.. Oh my gawd... I actually got the bank reconciliation to balance at the last minute. lol.. juss when I had thrown up my hands and put my eraser away... it balanced!! it balanced!!

                  I had no final exam for English I.. juss a report and a presentation.. :D I got 18/20!! I had a power point presentation going in the background while I did my presentation. I think the students were surprised.. lol.. all of them had their mouths open. The professor said I did a very good job!! I'm sooo proud. :p

                  One more exam.. then I'm off until Jan. 5. Whoopee!!
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                    Wrote two ten page papers in about 26 hrs. Have one more, then three finals.
                    Apache jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!!!!!

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