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    whats the longest its taken u to get to a pow wow?:Cry me it was 12 hours to get to yalkima! omg stop and go stop and go! cuz im from bc so! ya and it was the first time we had went there!

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    10 1/2 hours to Urbana, MD. Seemed like it took forever- esp when we got around the D.C area-traffic was crazy!!:Yell
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      The longest it has taken me was 8 hours...And that was to Nemiah.... I am from 100 Mile House area, and those rodes were really rough. plus we did a lot of sightseeing to...took some nice pictures of only trees...because the people around their have some specific traditions that they we tried not to take pictures of rivers, mountains or anything else like that...but it was a good trip. I celebrated my 17 birthday at that pow-wow....:Thumbs

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        I couldn't put in hours, maybe in days time. Anyway, have been all over. I guess the farthest drive time so far has been North Dakota. I think it took about a 2 1/2 days to get to LIttle Shell pow-wow from Texas, but we kind of took our time. Had to stop at several malls.
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          23 1/2 hours to get from Wisconsin to Louisiana was my longest trip. We went thru Chicago and got caught in the tolls and traffic. We also got caught in severe weather and tornados in Illinois. Our whole drum along with all of our kids, sat in Wendy's waiting for it to stop raining sideways so we could get back on the road. That was a pretty exhaustive trip, but we learned our lesson for the next trip we took down there. When we finally got down there all of us Wisconsin natives were suffering and sweatin' our a$$es off while the Louisiana people were walking around in long sleeve shirts and jeans!! That was quite the trip...


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            i think mine was about 13 or 14 hours going back home to idaho for our powwow; we were coming from my home here in nebraska.
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              Loong time! I don't remember the hours it took to drive but from Bronx, NY to Wikky powwow, via Toronto and all the way around the lakes. Whew! Long drive then back again! :Chatter It was fun though and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


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                Originally posted by Kakeeya
                Loong time! I don't remember the hours it took to drive but from Bronx, NY to Wikky powwow, via Toronto and all the way around the lakes. Whew! Long drive then back again! :Chatter It was fun though and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

                HOley smokes, Kakeeya! Thats a long azz drive.
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