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    How many of you send Christmas cards?

    My list has dwindled so much over the years - now that I have moved, I find it smaller than ever before!!! But I love giving and recieving them - how many of you send them too??

    How big is your list?? :)
    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....

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    I try to send some every year but I always seem to send them last minute! LOL I usually buy 2 packs of 18 and I always have some left over. But I think this year I will use them all!

    I like getting X-mas cards too, makes me feel loved! :D
    He's the type of rez I like
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      "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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        I bought a box of cards last year, but I didn't get to send them out. I bought one this year, and hopefully I will get them out.

        My husband and I moved into our new home earlier this year, so I doubt I'd get any cards this year. :( I haven't had time to write to my friends and let them know my new address or vice versa.
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          The thing is...I buy them but fail to mail them.
          Yep, she's pretty Greazy


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            We do......:Wave we do....:Wave! We're mailing them out this weekend so our friends and famly receive them before the holidays. We've already started hanging the cards sent to us on our front door too.....I love seeing the variety of cards we get..... :).
            "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

            ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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              Nope not me either.


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                I have a few I send but I still need to buy some. I'm hoping to score at the pow wow this weekend and get some Indian Christmas cards. If not I'm sending them out when I get back from vacation and then they'll get there by New Years.:p

                its the effort right?


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                  We have them and I hope to fix them up this weekend and mail them Monday but I have been kinda slack this year and don't know if I will get around to it!
                  Becky B.


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                    I have taken on a new step, I call them instead, the personal touch I found out is better than just sending a card, you start talking and that warms the heart of so many that it not only replaces the card but a lot tell me, don't send a card, call again will you! The log distance bill is big at this time but hey it is a lot more emotional than a card.

                    So to those of you that know me merry Christmas and a happy new year, To those of you that don't know me and think you do,,, I wish you the best too.:Angel2

                    Just my 2 cents worth.

                    kwe kwe you all!

                    Chi Meegwetch, pi lama, merci, thankyou, danke schön!
                    Listen to my heart, not just my mouth! The most powerfull thing we can do is,,,share,,, if we don't it dies with us.

                    It is the year of the bear, I am sharpening my claws and will no longer tollerate harrassment.

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                      I dont do Christmas , an I feel bad when ppl send me a card an I dont send one back . But I do thank them an think maybe they wont send one next year. I was born on christmas day an it is really boring to me . Ppl are way to much into give me give me then what can I do for someone else . So I stopped doing christmas a long time ago. Best to all that do . An nice that you send cards . Peace!
                      Better known an loved as Men~Nie Turtles !
                      Life is what you make it. Becareful what you give . You just might get it back!


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                        not no more!

                        Up until this year I sent them, not anymore (starting this year)
                        My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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                          We always enjoy sending and recieving them - my kids and I - it's a tradition that was passed from my mom and her family, as well as my dad's. We all exchange cards - we still see each other often - just makes us feel especially loved at Christmas.

                          Merry Christmas to all....
                          Everything is gonna be alright!

                          Be blessed - got love???

                          This b me.....



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                            I love Christmas, so i try to do's nice to recieve cards as well as send em. Seems like more & more people would rather email, but i like getting's almost rare these days!

                            This year, Bushy came up w/a good idea....she's putting together a nice lil' family letter instead of a card. Sort of like an update as to what's been goin on w/all of us. PICTURES INCLUDED :p Can't wait to see how it turns out.

                            Happy Holidays!
                            *BE EASY*


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                              i don't send out xmas cards personally....i hate cards..but for my dads buziness...i have to..we got some nice ones this yr...ndnz on horse back...i hate sendin those out too...cuz i tend to send em out last i hate gettin them too!! lol...i feel bad for throwin em u gotta find a place to put em ...don't do bday cards either..
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