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    I am new here. Just wanted to say hi and see if this would be a nice place to visit and talk issues or just chit chat.

    I have been married since age 14. We have 4 children all grown now and it's hard to find people on the net to visit with that aren't into snagging and such. After 31 years and 4 kids and now raising a grand daughter, i'm just to tired....

    We have a Daughter age 30, son age 27, son age 24, and son age 22. None of them are married or have any chiildren however we are raising a grand daughter from a nephew. She is 3 and the most beautiful lil Apache girl ever to walk the ground. But then I'm a bit prejudice in her favor.

    Hope to get to know some better.


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    Hey there! :Wave

    wow, you sound like a busy person!

    Good morning and welcome to where I am sure you will meet and talk to a lot of cool people. :D
    "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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      Wow!! You definately have alot going on! Welcome to!!


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        yeah, i sure do. chasing my own tail lots of days but mostly running into blockers. ... :wall: thanks for the welcome.


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          Greywolf (Bill)
          I also hope to learn to use this site better[/B]
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