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  • WOOHOO 2 More DAYSSS!!!!!

    :blow: :blow:

    Till LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!


    Yeah man.. i'm gonna be taking that morning off from work to go stand in line and watch it with my hubby!!! :50:

  • #2
    :bouncy: :39: :bouncy: :39:

    I'm gonna leave work early to stand in line with the tickets I bought yesterday! :D

    Hockey is soul food.


    • #3
      :Thumbs Right On Sista!!!

      I'm probalby not even gonna come to work at all that day!!! :Tongue...

      But for sure as hell i'm gonna go watch it!!!


      • #4
        I was going to go watch the midnight showing on Tuesday night but as if I could stay up that late! :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter
        Hockey is soul food.


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          HOLAY SHANDA!!! Midnight showing!! *LMAO*

          We didn't buy our tickets yet so brian and I are just gonna gun it and go and see if we can get in either way LMAO.. well i looked online at the theaters in our area and no place has sold out yet!! *L*

          :Chatter :Chatter


          • #6
            What? I wanted to be the 1st one on my rez to see it! :p
            Hockey is soul food.


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              Originally posted by Jinglin Chica
              What? I wanted to be the 1st one on my rez to see it! :p

              YOU SHOULD GOOOO!! DRAG YOUR SISTA WITH YA!! AND TEXT Message me FROM THE MOVIE!!! *LMAO* :rofl2: :rofl2:


              • #8
                I can just see you in your FRODO costume and have your sister dress up as ummm SAM and your nephew as SMEGEL LMAO

                :rofl2: :rofl2:


                • #9
                  hey now, don't knock my Froto costume! :rofl2:
                  Hockey is soul food.


                  • #10
                    make sure you get a pedicure first before you go wait in line!! *LMAO* take your digi cam with ya theres probably gonna be some peeps dressed as them *LMAO* be like "can i take a picture with you" LOL :rofl2: :Chatter :Chatter


                    • #11
                      HAHA!!! maybe when you get ur pedicure done, they can attach some hair on ur toes to make um like Froto'z...
                      ~*~ FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS TAKE HOME UGLY SNAGS ~*~


                      • #12
                        eeewww!!! :Chatter you nerds!! :p
                        Hockey is soul food.


                        • #13
                          EWWWW NONERZ!!! *LMAO*

                 who was it that was talking about gettin her toes shortened??? in hommiez?? LOL :Chatter :Chatter


                          • #14
                            What?? :Chatter Getting their toes shortened... then, if they can do that, i so want to have mine made longer... cuz, i got some short toes... i don't even have toe nails to get a french pedicure... :( there to small...

                            So, i guess you guys are excited about lord of the rings... I jsut want to see honey! :38:
                            ~*~ FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS TAKE HOME UGLY SNAGS ~*~


                            • #15
                              *LMAO* Nonerz!! you're toes are too short :p to get a french pedicure lol..just cute lol....:Chatter :Chatter

                              Heck yeah.. it would be awesome if the homiez had a reunion at the THeATERS LMAO to watch lord of the rings!!! :lol2:


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