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  • what the heck.....

    I had some kickazz training at work yesterday so I got the night off, I didn't have to go to work:D ....Anyway that was a mistake cuz i had time to mess around on the computer and bid on a ton of stuff from e-bay!!!!! I bid on beads and jewelry and who knows what else??!!!!

    I'm gonna have to work some overtime just to pay for all the beads I'm gonna get.....jeez that e-bay is almost like crack or something a little addictive...anyone else run into this problem???

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    nope,but only b/c mom wont let me bid on stuff on e-bay.
    but... i do have a problem w/spending too much $$$$$ when I'm shopping.
    who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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      I used to get on EBAY every chance I got, and so did my husband. However, we were without a computer for a vast amount of time, and didn't get online as much as we were used to. After a while, we just completely forgot about it. I only look about once or twice a month now.
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        *L* Oh I used to bid in Yahoo Auctions! Thats just as addicting and I found myself bidding on things I didnt need. And then I would hope and pray that someone would out-bid me.. so I wouldnt have to actually buy the stuff *LOL*


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