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ladies, why does it always happen?

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  • ladies, why does it always happen?

    ok, long story short... there is a fine lookin' guy that I see at work sometimes, he is 6'4, muscular with a dynamite smile and jet black hair with dark smoldering eyes. we have talked a few times and he seems really nice. I promised myself I would ask him out for coffee the next time I saw him, (don't see him that often). I had some really hard hands on training at work and I was all sweaty and I had gotten punched in the eye, so my left eye is all swollen and i'm just gettin over the flu so my voice is shot and I sound like a sick frog..unknown to me the guys I work with had put a bunch of sticky notes on my back with cute little nicknames and advertising that "I'm lookin for a man".

    Anyway I had no idea this guy was anywhere around, I go to the front office and THERE HE IS!!! I tried to turn and leave before he saw me, but I have nowhere to hide, he comes up and pulls a note off my back and says, wow what the #@% happened to you,
    I took a chance and asked if he wanted to have coffee next time and he just looked at me and said "uh yeah maybe, well I'll see you later./ladies why does it always try to see that one guy looking your best and you come off looking like a carwreck......oh well his smile wasn't THAT great anyway:Mad

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    thats right girl...he's smile wasn't all that...or was it?
    he saw u before right? he knows how u look, if he doesn't wanna have coffee w/u now because u look bad then thats his loss. dont sweat him. there r more hotties out there to go around.
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      yeah right, ya know?! Whats up with that!

      There was this guy I used to work with. Everynight he'd throw boxes off the truck and we'd take the boxes to different crates and later we'd all do back stock on the floor (in a department store)... I'd loved lookin at him! he was soooo hot and yummy but I never got the nerve to talk to him...This was when I was single, skinny, and lookin good...

      Now I work as a librarian at my college. He comes in every morning and meets with a few study buddies. About a month ago... I was 9 mos pregnant, sick with a cold, carrying round a roll of toilet paper, lookin rough... and he decides he's gonna say hi, how ya doing...! UGH @)($&#(^$(#^$

      I've known the man for 3 1/2 years and the one time he says hi is when I'm carryin a roll of toilet paper?!:Mad
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        hey gurlz just dont sweat it like saukpuppet said and all.. usually i let tha guys come talk otha than that i just stand,talk and joke around wit tha ones that i already kno...

        native_5_o and what really happened to u so u looked like that?? im guessin a catscrap??..

        idk half or more like most of tha time i think guys r jus plain old weird first they look but then to scared to talk and then years later they act like thre ur bes frend or they kno u..


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          Maybe these guys are just too intimidated to speak to you when you are at your smile and they go dumb:D Maybe they wait till you are having a rough day and THEN they go talk to you. dya think?
          yeah, yeah, yeah...

          ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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            That's prolly happened a few times with me.. but I got a funny story..

            My buddy was scopin' out this nishnab all nite at the club. We were dancing... by his table.. we were all talking to his buddies.. Blah Blah.. Then she made her move... She finally got to talk to him..... and he smiles at her. :Chatter :p :Chatter AND he was missing one front tooth. She turns to us.. and says.. "Ooh Mon dieu!"... juss funny cuz she only speaks english.. but she juss had to say.. "Oh my gawd".. in french.
            ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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              better off anyway

              Hey, a friend of mine called me today and she said that "my Guy"
              is a straight up dog....she said that she knew of at least 4 women that he was keepin' on a string.

              I woulda been too much woman for him anyway!!!!!!

              and to answer why I was sooo tore up......I had ground fighting tactics training that day.....hahahaha anyone wanna wrestle??!!!:D


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                Ya know all the hot guys always seem like @s$holes in the end! My man ain't much to look at but damn he's the best man I've been with (I ain't trying to put him down with that not much to look at comment- truthfully, most people would say that but he's good lookin' to me). Hot guys always go around cheating and treating you like crap. (Well, all the hot guys I've been with always seemed that way) Anyways don't worry about it, someone will come your way that is worth your time!;)
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