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Wounded Servicemen at the Pentagon

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  • Wounded Servicemen at the Pentagon

    I work at the Pentagon Telecommunications Center here at the Pentagon. Yesterday this email was sent out to all of here at the Pentagon.
    The following has been sent at the request of the Office of the Administrative Assistant

    As a reminder to all HQDA Staff, we are hosting a visit from approximately 45 Walter Reed military patients who have
    just returned from duty in Iraq and other areas of conflict. Some will be escorted by their family members.

    Their arrival will be through Corridor 3, at approximately 1000 hours on Wednesday 17 December 2003.
    We would like to invite our civilian and military employees to welcome these men and women,
    upon their arrival at the Corridor 3 Pentagon Entrance area.
    Army Protocol will be assisting in directing personnel to the best vantage points to greet our guests.

    Request all military and civilians who will be coming to Corridor 3 Entrance, begin arriving at 0945 hours,
    and be in place before the 1000 hour arrival time.

    A special invitation is extended to the HQDA Principal Officials to participate in a "meet and greet" in the
    Executive Dining Room, 3C1062, at 1130 hours.
    Please contact Mr. Frank F. Bennett at 703-602-9753, or via email at [email protected] for further information.

    Most of the people I work with here are either still active duty or all prior military. We all went down to show our support and welcome home these brave men. I am a 12yr Marine Corps Veteran and I understand that when you sign that contract you are willing to pay the ultimate price for our country if need be. I mean we all knew this, I just never thought about what happens if you actually make it through something like that. What I witnessed today really brought a tear to my eye. We all lined the hallway ahead of time, military and civilian alike. Some people passed out little flags, we were all patiently waiting and talking amongst ourselves to pass the time. Then from the end of the hall we heard the beginning of the clapping and cheering. At this point, we were all smiling, clapping, and cheering, then the glimpse of the first Vet came into view. He was an older veteran, slowly making his way down the hall in a wheel chair. I believe he had his wife behind him, she was crying. At that moment the reality of the situation really sunk in; I did my best not to show any tears instead I smiled, clapped, and patted him on his back as he went by and told him "Welcome Home". Then a couple more walked by that seemed physically OK with the exception of a few scars here and there. One of these was another wounded Vet in his desert camouflage uniform, he was walking by and was outwardly crying. (I was told later on he had a brace that extended from his hip to the floor.) I can't imagine what he must of went through. Then there were just a few more and I went to extend my hand to one of them and I realized that he had no arm on that side. I almost lost all barring at that point. The last to come by were three more in wheel chairs who were missing legs. One was lucky enough to still have one leg still remaining. Out of these three, one young man stays in my mind, he looked like he was 19yrs old and was in a black motorized wheel chair. He had no legs and was missing one arm. Even after giving such a huge sacrifice, he was still smiling. His father was in the background taking pictures as they made their way down the hall. To be so young and to have paid such a price! It was overwhelming for me witness this, my heart went out to these servicemen.

    I just wanted to share this with you all, as a reminder to please keep our servicemen and women in your prayers today. Pray for their safety and thier safe return home. Pray for the wounded and pray for their families. Also, if you would like to do something this is an email that was sent around as well!
    The Red Cross Needs Assistance for Wounded Soldiers

    The American Red Cross at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is looking for incidentals/comfort items for sick and wounded Armed Forces Personnel now recuperating at the hospital. When someone is stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere and is wounded or falls ill, they are immediately evacuated, and it can take weeks for their personnel effects to catch up with them. The Red Cross is asking for donations of any of the following:

    - Telephone cards of at least 30 minutes
    - Rolling luggage (small), totes, carry-ons
    - Individually wrapped snacks
    - Magazines
    - Notepads, pens
    - Playing cards and games
    - Sweat pants and shirts (all sizes)

    All items should be addressed to:
    American Red Cross

    ATTN: Barbara Green
    Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    6900 Georgia Ave, N.W.,
    Washington, DC 20307-5001.

    Checks should be made out to the American Red Cross. For more information, call (202) 782-2080 or e-mail [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.

    For more on the Red Cross, see <>

    Let us not forget!!!!!!!
    To all my fellow warriors............
    "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom"
    <Semper Fi!>

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