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*SIBLINGS* Do they taunt your life? LMAO

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  • *SIBLINGS* Do they taunt your life? LMAO

    Yesss the siblings thread... or brother/sister, do you have any? Do you have any that you were separated at birth from LMAO JK ummm do you all gets along??? LOL :Chatter :Chatter Basically how do you get along with your brothers/sisters?

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    well im my poppas only kid :Angel: but im my momma oldest :devil and i get along wit em all 4 of em :Chatter :Chatter cuz i jus do lol :taunting:
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      i gotta sister from a past life that i used to roam the prairies with!!!!!

      oh and i Gotta real Sister...shes kinda ditsy....and a real brother :rofl2:


      and then the adopted kindz......The weirdo one....the crazy one and homie onez :Chatter

      and i pretty much get along with all of em
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        I have a younger sis and an older brother.. i know what you mean bout the ditzy sister stuff LMAO :Chatter :Chatter


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          I have ONE younger sister. She's all brainy and verrry intelligent. I feel like a brillo pad when she's talking about her work/research. *L*

          And yes I'm very proud of her too... she's 24 and will get her masters on Saturday!! woohoo! :D :Thumbs :blow:

          Seriously we get along great... even tho I call her brat. She's gonna be a momma in April... and I can hardly wait! :39:


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            I have 2 sister's, 1 foster brother, 1 foster sister. My folks split up last year and the way mom's been acting lately, has succeded in bringing us all closer together.


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              I have one brother, who is 16 and he thinks he is hot ish!! He went out and bought a bunch of baby blue stuff cuz "all the girls at school" told him he was hot especially in baby now he keeps stealin my "Native Pride" baby blue hat !!! Grrrrr...we get along but sometimes he is such a little brat/knowitall/wannabepimp/etc.....

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                My older and younger siblings helped make me what I am today. Learned what and what not to do through them.
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                wise beyond my years-


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                  Originally posted by EducatedNdN
                  My older and younger siblings helped make me what I am today. Learned what and what not to do through them.
                  me too! :) i have 4 brothers and 1 sista and theyre all c-o-o-L


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                    My sister still claims I have somehow scarred her for life... I'm the oldest of course.. but we get along much better now than we did when we were younger. My brother and I are two peas in a pod and can cause some damage to anyone that speaks ill of the other to us. We don't quite look like each other, but the personality is there.. oh and btw girls, he's 28, single and lives in the st. Louis area and is looking for a good indian woman to whip him into shape.
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                      My oldest sis and I are deeply connected and we can also be deeply irritated by the other - it's natural sib rivalry!


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                        Let's see here....

                        I have two younger brother's. One is 21 and the other is 5. Now I love my littlest bro but he was born after I had done moved on up of the house, so I am naturally closer to the older of the two.

                        I have a sister who is 17.
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                          This is tricky ... my mom and her sister are married to brothers, so being that we're all the same clan :p I consider my aunt/uncle's kids my immediate sibs :) That makes me the youngest of 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

                          they're all awesome tho, I learned from each one of 'em - what not to do, mostly. LOL! jk. I love 'em all.


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                            I am the only girl with 4 brothers. My bros and I get along fine now...but when we were younger...the fight was on!!! :duel12: :duel12: We were always scrappin over something, (usually a toy) then we would play nice together :agree?:

                            Now that we are grown and have kids of our own, OUR kids are acting the way we did when we were their age...I guess the ole curse of "I hope your kids act the way you did when you are parents" worked:devil :devil

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                              :huddle: Gob of love in my clan....;)...I'm closest with the "other bookend" my Sister, seven minutes younger.....but I'm close with all my brothers, all older and very protective....:huddle:.

                              My other Sisters.....I love them, but let's just say, we are all too much into our own things.....:p.....but when we all get together we do have a lot of laughs....a lot!
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