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  • Does this ever happen to you?

    As some of you know(from the Prayer Circle) I was unemployed for about three months. I now have a job. For the time being, I am working in the retail industry (not really my first choice, but it is a job). Well, something happened to one of my coworkers, so the manager of the dept. has been working on covering the times she would have worked. I already got called up once this week & said yes to coming in, with the understanding that I would have today off(two days off in a row) & made plans for tonight. Well, that manager called me up again and asked if I could come in today and have Saturday off instead of today. I let him know that I had plans to do something with a group I haven't been able to get together with since I started working. In my mind, that was that. I've already had one of my days off switched and my work time on Saturday switched so another coworker could make it to his niece's wedding. My first mistake was probably in saying yes on Monday. Now the manager probably thinks that I don't have a life & that he can just scrap his original schedule and make my life dull. Dang!!!!!!!! I've got a life and a right to make plans. :Yell I can't help it that coworkers of mine do stupid things and get hurt........I have a life. Hopefully this hasn't screwed up anything I might put a request in for the future, but I can't be a total push over. Geeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!! Does this ever happen to you? I will be so happy when I am not working in the retail biz and have a Mon. through Fri. job once again. This is the pits. :Mad

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    This could be looked at a couple of ways- you weren't working-now you are. With the holidays coming up, maybe your boss thought he was doing you a favor by offering the extra hours. I can see it from both the boss/employee views. Here in NV they'd tell you it's a right to work state--and there are 6 more people in line for your job. That being said, you have the right to relax and have you time so that you can unwind from the stress of your job.:wall:

    You'll just have to weigh what's most important to ya.:)


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      I can see it from both sides too. Your have a life after work. From your bosses side, he is looking for dependability and flexibility. I would not be surprised if your boss took a good look at your work ethic and gave you a promotion or a raise, provided you deserve it. After going 3 months without a job and so close to the holidays, i would imagine you would welcome the extra earnings.

      Hang in there happy you have a job and you are making ends meet. good luck!!!

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        If this is your only problem then I would have to say you have a pretty good life.


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          tradish_wiyan.....My boss has had flexibility and dependability from day one. That's the only way I could have gotten the job I have now. Coming in on Saturday would have been just another switch in my days off. I personally know that other co-workers of mine have not been as flexible this week, so they need to have a turn. As for a raise, it's all based on your performance. I also think that you have to be with the company for a certain amount of time. Flexibility is important, but there is a fine line between being flexible and abuse of flexibility.

          TRADISHDNCR....... This wouldn't have been extra hours on my part. The department I work in has a small amount of people working in it. (People aren't breaking down the doors to work at this place.) I know that my boss was only doing his job to make sure that he had everything covered. He probably hated to have to call me up again to see if I would come in. I think that he realizes that I have a life outside of work and needs to consider this when he calls me up on my day off.

          Awful_Mnom_Woman....... This definitely is not my only problem in life right now. I wish it were because it would be easy to solve.
          Granted I don't have any disabilities, no life threatening illnesses, no children to wonder how I am going to support, or any other major circumstances to deal with at this time, but I do have issues that I need to deal with which are not the easiest in the world for me right now. I'm having to make sacrifices just like everybody else does in order to face the areas of my life that need to be improved. Yes, it means having to miss out on stuff that I was used to participating in every single week for the time being, but I know this will not last forever. I'm beginning to believe that I have been placed in the position I am in now, so I will be forced to deal with issues that have been avoided in the past. It won't be easy, but I will survive.
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            Girl keep up da positive attitude. Sometimes it may seem as though that is the only going for you, but it will all work out in the end, and you've got friends & family that are looking out for ya.


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              TRADISHDNCR.....thanks for the words of encouragement. I really miss the things I was able to do every week (especially drum practice) ever since I started working at my new job. What I definitely need to do is to write down a list of goals, so I can get some long range planning done. That way, I can figure out how much to set aside to take care of bills, start saving up to go back to school, and see if I can get ahold of someone in the dept of the program I want to get into to see if I can get some coursework waived. Who knows....since I need to go through part of the undergrad program to get licensed, I might be eligible for some grants. The sooner I get a plan of action rolling, the less time I will have to spend in a retail setting with a boss who doesn't realize what my days off mean to me. Like I said before, I can't wait to get back into a normal job (most likely in a preschool setting) where I can have my evenings, weekends, and holidays free.


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                Here in NV they'd tell you it's a right to work state
                I realize that staying up for extended periods of time with low blood sugar can impair one's cognitive abilities ... can someone please help me understand what a "right to work state" is ?
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                  Nevada is considered a right to work state because of a little law they have, which allows a company or bussiness to dismiss any employee prior to the completion of their introductory for the sole reason of "fails to meet probation." If you are released for this reason you have no recourse for getting your job back. They don't have to give you severance, notice, anything. The flip side is that if you can perform a job that would normally be a union filled position, you can hold that job without belonging to the union. Hence you have a right to work.

                  Not the best of scenarios all of the time, but it is a very transient town, and is how all bussiness is conducted here.;)


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                    I know what you mean when you say they think you are a pushover. Whenever I said yes to someone to switch hours or what not they always think I will say yes to them. Like this one girl I worked with it was Valentine's day right (last year) she says "Wenonah, will you work for me tonight? Because I want to got to Casper with one of my friend's." I was like "are you crazy?" I was getting ready to go home after my shift when she said this. I couldn't believe it! It's not like she was going with her boyfriend because she didn't have one, she was gonna go to Casper with one of her friend's. And she knew about these plans a week before! I was like "Why the hell didn't you get your schedule changed last week?" I was so p.o.'ed! So she says "well, can you work for me for a few hours, I will have someone else come in and finish my shift so you can go home." So I said yes cause I thought I was only gonna have to stay for like 2 or 3 hours. The girl she called to come in, came in drunk and says "I can't work, I'm drunk" so I had to work her whole shift! I was so mad that I never worked for anyone else again!:Yell
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