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Santa Claus comes in all shapes and sizes....

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  • eyesrbrown4areason
    yeppers! :)

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  • Smeshigaud

    It's people like "Elvis" who help us keep believing there is good still left in the world :)

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    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus :c2:

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  • ~*DopeLilMama*~
    thats freekin cool sisser! :D

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  • Santa Claus comes in all shapes and sizes....

    Just had to tell someone....

    so I thought I'd share this with all my friends here, I posted about some bad luck that my son had over on the venting thread, but then my daughter came home smiling ear to ear and here is what happened, she went to walmart to do alittle christmas shopping and this guy came up and just started talking to her and asked her if she could have anything for christmas, what would it be? She works at mc donalds and had just saved up and bought herself a little truck and was having problems with her tires losing air, so she said that she would want new tires, he asked her where her truck was and she told him, this man had new tires put all the way around on her truck, and not the cheap ones, he spent three hundred dollars on her truck, told her his name was Elvis, told her merry christmas and happy new year, paid for the tires, and left, no strings attached, he just left, I'm feeling so good! Who says there is no Santa Claus???:c2:

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