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Most memorable events of 2003

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  • bushy_braids
    hey... good thread ace! this made me think back on all that's happened this year... and i had a pretty good year! i had a lotta fun times and here are some of my memorable moments...

    i'd havta say:
    *basketball games (Hoyas & Wizards - gotta support the hometeams!)
    *watching Jordan play w/the wizards
    *electric circus tour w/common, gangstarr, talib, de la soul, e. badu & floetry (one of the best concerts YET!)
    *going to the ringling bros circus (reminded me of when i was a lil' one!)
    *gettin' tattooed w/bux (that was cool!)
    *becoming an auntie! i lubb my niece!
    *baseball games (gotta support the Orioles!)
    *moving outta my parents crib
    *going to a football game (even tho i don't support the redskins!)
    *spending xmas in cali
    *crow fair

    and of course checkin out all the latest & newest movies, gettin' together w/friends & going out, powwoing, & summer cook outs are always memorable!

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  • ~*~Xammy~*~
    ~My doot is the most memorable! *tee hee* He is everything to me. Makes my world go round... :Tongue and then some...:Naughty haha.. no, he knows I appreciate him for all he has done.. Thank you!

    ~All I have to say is 4th of JULY!!! Squishy, Fran, and Pepper know what I'm talking about!! haha! Good times.. i miss you guys! My girls right there!! We're contagious..haha :p

    ~Meeting Squishy, she is a really good friend and one of the only girls that you can trust with your all. She is a true blue bud and I appreciate your friendship.

    ~Oh yeah can't forget our strip teases from Shamus and Sakaway! *LMAO* Gotta love that huh girls!? ayes.. :Tongue

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  • oneidagirl2003
    My man is the most memorable event of 2003 for me. He is the love of my life.

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  • rez_chick84
    2003 taught me a lot, and I learned from it. thats a good thing.
    heres my list:

    Lori Piestewa-lady warrior. found out that was my sister in laws good friend.

    the black out-sometime in august, all power was out for too damn long. lol

    moving out of my ma'z place and into my own, 5 hours away!!!

    and last but not least....not all things are as great as they seem. u may be blind to it at first, but sooner or later u will see it, thats when u do something about it!

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  • katezninen
    replied many memorable moments of 2003...cant wait to see whats in stored for 2004!

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  • Stirbaby
    Great things.
    Eldest son , Casey(25), came home from texas for the holidays.
    He hasnt been home for 18 months.
    Saw Father for first time in a year or so, and as well with my brother.
    My bride and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.
    No Hurricane or lightning hits.
    Sam and Pete, our two teenagers, are acting mature and geting great grades.
    Another year closer to end of colonial rule of native american people, and full return of lands, and all mineral resources.
    Ole Miss won the cotten Bowl.
    Bad/sad things.
    US invaded Iraq, still dont know why, well, power is one.
    LSU won the West

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  • lwolfspirit
    1. when i start to dating my best firend for three years and have been together for a year and counting.

    2. finding the son of b*tch saddam (sorry)

    3. when my boyfriend and many of my friends was send over sea for a long while and some are still over there and some are now leaving

    4. started college

    5. moving out of my mother's house and away from my brother

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  • Homalosa
    Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
    this is it for me...

    Ditto for me. This year was one of constantly trying to get over hurt, fatigue and pain. I'm glad a new is upon us. Looking for some great things. Still, I'll never forget some folks who left an indellible mark on my heart:

    Celia Cruz- La Reina de Salsa y Cuba todavia viva en el Cielo y en nuestro corazones.

    Lori Piestewa- I never knew your name until that fateful day. And still America owes you much. Where is her purple heart?

    Shane- yes, you left last year. We are standing as tall as we can during these grueling trials. Continue to dance hard in heaven.

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  • WolfTears
    BlackBear I felt like that the year I lost my twin brother , sister an dear friend within months of each other . But now I call them to my heart anytime an think of things we did an yes now I can smile an know its ok for now . One day your heart will mend an see things in a better veiw but right now yeah you feel this way so big hugssssssssss woman ..Sorry for your year hope that next year is way better . :D But I have to say I still miss them like crazy .:Cry no downer just truth in how you feel right now ...

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  • Blackbear
    You know.. with all the death my family and my friends families have suffered this year .. I don't want to remember 2003. I cannot think of one thing that was so shiny and memorable that it blocks out the death of my grandmother and many good friends. I just want this year to be over and forgotten. I'm sorry that is such a downer.

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  • EducatedNdN
    Seeing one my daugters after many years. Losing a close friend and love ofmy life after many years together. Reuniting with my ex and hopefully fiancee soon to be. Pila.

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  • <_-~*No_nutts*~-_>
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Tibiki Kinew
    [B]To Smokin' Ace one for you,,,, I am glad that Michael Jackson acceppted a mission past Mars, he went to see the rings arround Uranus.

    EEKS!:Scared That just gave me a visual I could have done without :Shocked :Thinking :Chatter :Chatter

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  • wannabeUrNo1Snag
    this is it for me...
    Attached Files

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  • Lapis Queen
    For me.....
    It would be marrying the man I love....

    I will always remember my grandfather as well who passed away this past March.

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  • Tibiki Kinew
    To Smokin' Ace one for you,,,, I am glad that Michael Jackson acceppted a mission past Mars, he went to see the rings arround Uranus.

    The big one for me would have to be ,,,

    Seeing the eyes open of a person this year in the hospital after a failed suicide/ killing that went wrong, the person was dumped out of a vehicle into a ditch. The person shall remain nameless.
    That person is now fully recovered and going to college and I am proud to have found you when I did, thank you for letting me be there for you when you needed it most.

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