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  • Earthquake!!

    Dayumb who felt it? We felt it here on the 3rd floor. I hate earthquakes. Fires now the earthquakes.


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    I heard about it on the news today. 6.5, two people died. Epicenter somewhere around LA I guess.
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      I know what you mean, I was born and raised in california and was in a few earthquakes, scary....I have alot of friends and realitives there still.....
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        this one guy at work told me about it. read up on it via internet. cambria, palos robles area right? weeeird :Scared hope all is well! :)


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          Glad I came home and left california for a few weeks. I been through 2 too many. Heard about this on news also.
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            IjustWatch - yeah that's right ... epicenter was in Cambria, which is about 1/2-way between SF and LA. I think Palos Robles is where the two people died, and a third is missing, because of a building (or part of) collapsed on them.
            "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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