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  • Is it bad?

    So I've been seeing all these commercials on t.v. about talking to your kids about not smoking and not doing drugs. one of my daughter's grandparents (actually all of them) smoke cigs, and my daughter is 2 about to be 3 in Feb. and I've been teaching her that cigs are bad and you shouldn't smoke. So this one day she goes over to my husband's parent's house and she tells his stepmom "Don't smoke! Cigarette's are bad! (she's a chain smoker)" And then she proceeds to act like she's choking and coughing. So I was it bad to teach kids that young that smoking is bad? Or do you just think that is gonna make her want to smoke?
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    With my youngens, what Im going to do, and do is teach them that smoking isn't healthy for you, or for others when a smoker is around them. I am also going to show the the affects of the addiction by not smoking for a day.

    I smoke, my kids know and see my smoke, and just becuase I have the addiction, does not mean I want my kids to have it.
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      I dont smoke and neither does any of my immediate family members. My 12 year old daughter is well aware of the effects of smoking. She has made choices in her young life that I'm very proud of.

      When we go this bar/restaurant for hot wings, she will make a conscious effort to help choose a place to sit... and will ask the hostess if we can have a table in the dining area if she see's people smoking. She once told me that second hand smoke is much more worse, and she doesnt want anyone blowing out smoke around her baby brother (he's 1)

      We have a very open relationship and I have told her not to ever feel scared to tell me anything. So now we giggle when she tells me about her daily antics at school.. and boys are a topic she likes to discuss all the time! *LOL* I just hope that when peer pressure starts knocking.. she will remember that I'm not only a parent.. but a caring friend as well.


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        Smoke in a home is one of the things that they say can contribute to SIDS. There are a lot of factors and no one really can pinpoint the cause of death but smoking was listed. Education about smoking is essential and I'm glad that you are teaching your children young. Second hand smoke is deadly.


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          Well see the reason I wanted to know if it was bad to teach her that (I also taught her that smoking weed is bad )because I don't want her running around saying to people "Don't smoke weed or cigarette's" Because what if they take it the wrong way and think that I do these things in front of her and than tell her not to do it. Like what if when she goes to school and tells that to her teacher? And she takes it the wrong way? Do you think it's wrong to tell her these things? Or am I just being paranoid?
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          Did you just see what god did to us man?

          If Barbie is so popular why do have to buy her friends?


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            When I DO have kids I'll be a good role model as well as the family because non of us smoke or drink. This includes my uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins we just weren't around it and nevre picked up the habit.


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              family is'nt always the influence though. No one in my family smoked..not grandparents, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles one. But my friends did.. and that's where I got the influence.
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