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  • Who's at work today?

    It's X-Mas Eve and who's at work today? I am until 3 then I'm outta here to do some last minute shopping! :Chatter

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    :Wave Hi there!

    I'm here at work also! I volunteered to work today... only because I know it will be slow! I most likely will bail out early... and go home to relax!

    All my shopping is done. But I would like to stroll the mall.. to see the panic stricken shoppers.... *LOL* :p


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      Yeah, if I was near you, I would be one of those panic stricken shoppers! :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter


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        *L* I remember one year.. I waited till the last minute... and I was buying just about whatever was left on the shelves. Of course I spent far too much that year... but I learned to plan and shop early! :p

        But then again.. there's just something about spontaneity! *L* Its sparks some creativity! *L* And then you begin to wonder if grandma will use the car wash kit thats on sale!! *LOL*


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          My husband went to work today but he just got a raise this week and he wanted all the overtime he could get! He wants money! But hey I'm glad cause then we could have more money to do other things with! :$$$:
          If you should suck my soul, I should lick your funky emotions. Nothing's good unless you play with it, play with me baby.

          Did you just see what god did to us man?

          If Barbie is so popular why do have to buy her friends?


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            I wish I was getting overtime, but we just get off a lil early. I'll take it though cuz we don't have to work on Friday either and still get to be paid for it. Yay!! :Chatter


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              I came in but didn't have to but its raining out and my parents are shopping so I'll go over there after work. Help them get reeady for the family tomorrow. Got all my shopping done online and all the gitfs arrived on time this year a good sign. Have a safe and happy holiday.


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                I'm stuck at work until 5. Supposed to have friday off, but will probably work any way getting ready for inventory.


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                  ya'll is lucky I'm externing and not geting paid for being here!


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