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just a little something for y'all xmas spirited peeps

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  • eucheefolife
    :Thumbs thats cute i wish i could b creative like that but ya now im only creative about changing the words a little bit and putting my name on it j/k lol :clap: :clap:

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  • Lakota_Lady

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  • just a little something for y'all xmas spirited peeps

    i just wanted to share a Christmas poem that my daughter wrote. while im not into xmas, i thought it was pretty good for her age (9)...shes creative :)

    Christmas Day!!

    Hurray! Hurray, its Christmas Day!
    "I'm going outside," I told my ma
    My sister and my brother went, so did pa.
    I made a cave out of snow
    My brother acted like Santa, saying "Ho, ho, ho."
    A little sound went into my ear,
    When I looked in the woods, it was a little deer.
    It was little and polite,
    It even let us decorate it with lights.
    I got a present
    That was pleasant.
    When I went to bed, I said to myself
    "Hurray, Hurray, its Christmas Day!."

    by Prairie

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  • namamiinc
    Hello From FLorida
    by namamiinc
    I’m a new member in town` and I’m so honored to be a part of PowWow community. Hope will to get to more friends and knowledge....
    Yesterday, 07:14 AM

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