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Rez Dog Calendar: What Do U Think?

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  • Rez Dog Calendar: What Do U Think?

    I'm curious to know everything you guys thought about the 2004 Rez Dog 'American Indian Beauties' Calendar.
    I've asked LOTS of people I know who've seen it cover to cover and got alot of mixed reviews (most say 'it's...okay...') Some people say it's good to have this opportunity for young native women to be recognized for their educated minds and the ability to look beautiful and sexy at the same time. Then there are some people who say Indian women should not be exposed in 'that' way, saying these girls aren't respecting their native culture and not showing much dignity to be an Indian woman for posing so seductively. What do YOU think?!! (for your knowledge, all the girls were very levelheaded & supernice!)
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    If people think ndn woman need to be regalia-clad to "respect their native culture" they can buy Chris Roberts' or Ben Marra's powwow calendars. The photography is excellent.

    But if women of other cultures want to show off their natural beauty, why can't ours?? These women chose to do this, it took time and effort for them to audition and be prepared for the photo shoot (there is ALOT more to studio photography with models; getting the lighting and film exposure right is a huge issue; and then there is instructing each model into her best poses, ensuring make-up and lighting does not clash, etc.). And I think this calendar just goes to show that our community has the best looking women in the world!
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      I've seen the calendar and I don't wanna be mean, but there was only a couple of the models in there that really caught my eye, I'm not gonna say which ones so that others will be at the expensive of my selectivity..... for whether or not it was justifiable for them to do this, I would have to agree that, since they were doing this of their own choice and not by some unfortunate motivation, there is nothing wrong with it.

      ...I must admit, I wouldn't have minded being on the set of such a photo shoot ha ha.

      In fact, being that I have taken and am taking several photography classes as part of my multimedia degree, I would've gladly volunteered as a photographer, just being able to take those photos and (perhaps take a few copies for myself ha ha) would've been quite sufficient for payment.

      Hey Rez Dog, I've seen your website, would you like some assistance in web design/development, just send me some poster size photos of these particular models (um...i'll tell ya in the e-mail) and I'll get right on the project....ha ha


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        Rez Dog Calendar

        Haven't seen the calendar how do you get a copy or where can you go to see it? Sounds like a nice piece of work.


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          try or type rezdog into your search engine. The have decals, shirts, calander, etc
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            I think that if a woman wants to be in this calendar and display herself in this manner, more power to her.

            AND I think that we need the NATIVE Male calendar... I heard they needed more volunteers! MEN!!! Step up to the plate! :)

            Its only fair. :)
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              Beautiful Calendar *checked out the site*

              Wow is all I can say
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                I think the women are absolutely beautiful and I dont see anything wrong with it.
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                  Originally posted by Wakalapi
                  But if women of other cultures want to show off their natural beauty, why can't ours?? . . . . . And I think this calendar just goes to show that our community has the best looking women in the world!

                  I totally agree with you that OUR women are the most beautiful in the world (Why do you think so many other cultures want to be with an Indian woman?) We should not be the only culture left behind in showing our assets (no pun intended). *L

                  This is a tasteful calendar. I know seven of the 12 girls and I have no problem looking them in the eye and telling them that I am proud of them. It takes guts to participate in a project like this. More power to our Indian women!

                  Good job Keith and Mary DeHass of REZDOG! You did a good job!

                  P>S> Rezdog also does matching T-shirts for several of the top drum groups.
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                    I have the new calendar sent over to me recently, and I liked the calendar very much. Even my Lakota buddy liked it too. So a 2 thumbs up from some Ndnsoldiers here in Afghanistan on the calendar...Oh yeah, thanks to the ladies who signed it as well....



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                      Man I want one! No money, maybe I'll sell a kidney or somethin' I mean hey, I need a new computer too, ha ha


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                        a URL for a article on this matter

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                          Re: a URL for a article on this matter

                          Originally posted by Witchy_Woman
                          .... the prospect of pervy stalkers being out there LOL
                          ^^^ haahaha thats probably the reason why they do it. :) ;) :p
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                            I'm not a pervy stalker! :Angel:

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                            YAY ME!

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                              Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Rez Dog sent a 2003 calendar as well and it was signed too...It was with the 2004 one sent to me. I guess they needed to get rid of some of their calendars....Give it up!!!!:)

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