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  • How Cold Is It?

    How cold is it where you guys are at?

    <----Mat HATES to be cold!

    I usually hybernate in the winter, ha ha

    Its like ten degrees F here, who else is cold?

    Who likes to be cold?

    Who DOESN'T like to be cold?

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    It's probably only about 15 F here, but that's not counting wind chill. And I think the low tonight is supposed to be -8 F. Yep, it's winter here lol
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      can you believe this past weekend the weather on the east coast was nearly 65 degrees!?!?! it was crazy... i was walkin' 'round w/a t & jeans... like it was springtime or something. people were washing their cars, kids riding bikes... playing outside late @ night like it was summer... and it's supposed to be WINTER!

      i was enjoying it though.. today it's cooled off and it's 45 degrees... supposedly this weekend we're gonna dip low down to 10 degrees... meanwhile i hear it's been -10-30 below in the northern states.
      you know something's wrong when it's colder in california!
      mother nature's crazy!
      i want SNOW!
      "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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        Hey I'm in Ontario Canada right in the heart of the Great Lakes..............its cold.

        And I love it!!!!!!!!!! :p
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          It's pretty cold up here in Saskatchewan. With the wind chill this morning, it's -47. Brrrrr!


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            35 degrees in AZ. not too shabby for winter season :)


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              Well they don't call it "Winter"peg for nothing - Minus 45 celcius with the wind today - schools closed!
              :Mad <I'm not mad - just frozen!

              If anyone tells me how warm they are I'll :Cry


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                It was 1 degree here this morning when my daughter was leaving for school. She was walking out in a sweater, saying she forgot her jacket at school... I made her put on another sweatjacket. Crazy kid!


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                  Its cold here, about 36. But last week, it was in the mid 70's for a couple days. I like Fall and Winter time. I just wish we would get some snow.



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                    Originally posted by cree_ndn_gal
                    It's pretty cold up here in Saskatchewan. With the wind chill this morning, it's -47. Brrrrr!
                    Holy FAWK! Ok...I don't think I wanna go to school today..no wait
                    I survived through that weather last night when I walked to shoppers drug mart...lol......DAMN:Cry Its cold...
                    (¯`·._)Ït §M꣣$ £¡kë ®åíñßÕw§ (¯`·._)


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                      in the Rocky Mtns, near Calgary.. it is ..

                      1 degree farenheit and -18 degrees celcius... not to mention the windchill .... its not too bad! :p
                      Hockey is soul food.


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                        its a heat wave its only freakin -10 below F. :p :Chatter :Chatter
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                          Meanwhile in Montana...

                          it is 20 below F...and its gonna be down to 75 below with wind chill....thats tooo freakin cold...out water froze, so now I am stink and cold...not a good combo :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter

                          yeah, yeah, yeah...

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                            Okay now some of you are just rubbing it in...LOL.


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                              Here on the east side of WA we woke up to -10 farenheit, but so far it warmed up to -3
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