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  • Crocodile Hunter Controversy

    In the jaws of controversy
    ‘Crododile hunter’ draws fire in Australia after holding infant son while feeding reptile

    BRISBANE, Australia — “Crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin’s latest stunt — feeding a large crocodile while holding his infant son — drew fire today in Australia, a visit by police and the promise of a government investigation.

    Before a crowd at his reptile park in Beerwah, north of Brisbane, Irwin on Friday cradled his month-old son, Robert, under one arm and dangled a piece of chicken from the other hand in front of a 13-foot crocodile.

    The croc snapped up the meat, and Irwin said “Good boy, Bob,” once the crocodile’s jaws shut, according to the tabloid Herald Sun.

    The moment was captured on TV, with viewers later jamming phone lines to express outrage.

    The stunt drew comparisons with singer Michael Jackson’s handling of his infant son in Berlin in November 2002.

    The newspaper The Australian called Irwin’s “a bizarre act at his Sunshine Coast zoo that mirrored Michael Jackson’s dangling of his newborn over a balcony.”

    Irwin defended his actions, saying the tot never was in danger. “I was in complete control of the crocodile. Robert was tucked right in my arm,” Irwin said.

    His American wife, Terri, who handed the baby over to Irwin in the enclosure, agreed: “It was a wonderful sensory experience for him (the baby). He dug it.”

    Police officers went to the zoo to tell Irwin people were objecting to the incident but said today he had not committed any criminal offense.

    Queensland state’s Families Minister Judy Spence has called for unedited tapes of the incident.

    Child support and family groups said Irwin’s behavior was almost like child abuse.

    “Most parents would cringe at the sight of such things,” Bill Muehlenberg of the Australian Family Association said. “One slip, one fall and he is the crocodile’s lunch.”

    Irwin’s programs are carried here by the Animal Planet network, and he starred in the popular 2002 comedy, “The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.”

    Did anyone catch the morning show with matt Lauer when he interviewed Steve Irwin on this? Dude had his bases pretty well covered and did'nt let the interviewer interupt him one bit LOL!
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    It was a pretty bone-headed thing to do but I don't think the comparison to Mikey was fair. Steve at least didn't dangle the baby at the croc!


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      I probably wouldn't have chosen to do that myself....but that family has a unique tradition of dealing with crocs and other animals, the Irwins' shouldn't be branded as bad parents just because they were exposing their son to a situation that the kid is going to get reaaaally familiar, or maybe not, maybe the kid will grow up to be a librarian or something not as exciting as dancing with huge reptiles:) Only creator knows:D


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        (or whatever that dude says when he is sneaking up on a crock)

        I think Steve did what he thought was right...not what the general public thought was right, the press was gonna hang him out to dry, but hey, they live with those crocs and gators daily, so why not get the little tike used to them.

        yeah, yeah, yeah...

        ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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          Say What

          That is the third generation of that family to be around Crocs. Your right he needs to get them used to them. If he doesn't get the child used to the crocs and teach him how to be around them one day he will climb a fence when no one is watching and end up as lunch. Who is say what is the right age to start. Apprantly the government wants to have a say in it.

          I carry my grandbabies out to the horses when they are that young or younger. Does that mean that I am abusing them. One could knock me down or kick. They grow up respecting and loving the horse because they are exposed to them from the beginning.
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            it's stupid

            What Steve Irwin was completely a dumb-a$s thing to do with his kid. But at least the kid was safe. But Steve Irwin has always a dumb-a$s and lately his proved it.
            Excuse me while I talk in my Native Wookie dialect language.


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              The man is nuts.
              "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                The angle of the footage shown on TV makes it look like he was right in front of the croc. But ole Stevo knows better than that, and the other film shows how far he was from the croc.

                Yeah, I don't think this was child abuse, as the kid will be right in there with crocs all his life.

                If there was more news at the time this came out, it wouldn't have been focused on. The media sure likes to reak havoc.
       is what it is...


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                  Croc hunter has had to many boomerangs to the brain!

                  :Chatter :D


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                    Yep thats what they do . If he were a beader teaching his child this an the kid snagged up a needle an got hurt is that child abuse ? If your child is going to be part of what you do then teach them young all parts of what it is about . Its not like the kid was set down an the croc said yummmm lunch . They made a judgement call , not all will agree it was right but he sure as heck didnt dangel em at the choppers of the croc now that would be abuse or just plain dumb a$$ act . Just my 2 .. plus I am bored today.
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                      I think it's a shame with as much as the Irwins do for wild life conservation and animal causes and they get on the news for THIS?!?!? Stupid media!

                      No, I would not have my own child near a croc like that, but then again, I wouldn't be near it myself. Not my thing. But it's not my place to question, like others have stated here. Being around large reptiles is this man's way of life, as it was his father's. This is "normal" for him.

                      This family treats their dog better than some people treat their kids! Why aren't these other dead-beat parents making the news instead?


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                        this kinda reminds me of a story i heard long time back....

                        Out here in the west, there was a native fella traveling around doing shows.
                        he walked into this bar somewhere in the heart of red-neck country, he looks around and see the Jimmy-Bob bartender and says "hey now this here is one fine looking bar! but i noticed that there ain't nothing here but whites! Now, I'm a seminole Indian from Florida, and I'm an alligator wrestler. I'm out west here puttin' on a few shows...... an I was just wonderin' do you by chance serve pollocks in here?"
                        the bartender says "yeah we serve everybody!"
                        the alligator wrestlers answers "Good I'll take two of 'em ....for my alligators!"


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                          I always thought that the guy wears his pants a little to hi for a normal person.
                          BUt, he is one of the top reptile handlers on the planet.
                          Is anyone here familier with gators.
                          My Great Uncle taught me to "wrestle"/handle gators when I was just walking.
                          We spend so much time in around gator waters that it is a natural thing to teach the kids.
                          All my boys started handling gators when they were in their diapers.
                          In our family, you become a man, ussually about 18, when you can do some moves on a gator.
                          The Bear and the panther are hard to find, so we dont use them anymore, but the gator , well we have more gators in florida than republicans. Both have a nasty bite.
                          (smile repubs, you are in power.... for now:)
                          Caught my 7fter in Juniper run.
                          Wouldnt do it again.
                          But the Crikee fellow was just fine. besides, gators hate white meat.
                          (Crocs are a different beast, but if you know them, you know them)
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                          And we will take your property and will do you all the harm and evil we can..."

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