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~*Woohoo I THINK i'm a NEW AUNTIE*~

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  • ~*Woohoo I THINK i'm a NEW AUNTIE*~



    My sis in law had her baby this evening :39:

    Does this make me an auntie? Hmmm i do consider her a sister, i'm married to her brother lol...soo yeah i guess LOL

    hahaha JK my hubby is an uncle for the FIRST TIME wooohoo and its my kids FIRST COUSIN COUSIN... :bouncy: she had a baby girl.. ummm we dunno the name yet LOL :p

    I can't wait to see the baby buuttt it may be a few months before we see them!!!:( :D

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    :D Cool! Congrats to all of ya'z, yes you're an auntie..that is your hubby's sisters child therefore u are..

    I'm still waiting on my cousins baby;)
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      Yeah for you! My sister is gonna have hetr baby in March and she is gonna have a boy, I can't wait because it will be my first real nephew (my stepbro has a son but ya know he's not blood) and my only niece lives in Wisconsin and I only got to see her once! So I can't wait for Freddy Fender Jr. (that's what we call her man his name is Fred) to come!:Chatter
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        congratz to ur newest edition to ur family...i'm not a auntie..n i don't wannabe be on til my bro finds a good ndn woman to settle down i'm a auntie to all my frenz its fun!
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          WOOHOO! congratucations! :p
          i'm an autie of six months too!!!... it's the best! i can't wait till my bro's baby gurl grows up... she's not gonna know what "NO" means! (haha, jks) but... i did hear some really good advice to keep in mind when giving gifts to the new "lil' one"... always make sure that you give three gifts
          1) clothes
          2) books
          3) ONE toy
          i thought this was good advice... cause you know kids ALWAYS get toys and not enough books! plus they're always growing outta clothes!
          anyways... congrats again! it'll be a lotta fun... aunties are the best! i lubb all.. well most of mine... hahahah!
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            hehe I'm already an auntie to my cousins kids, but they are my cousin cousin lol.. haha kinda weird to explain but i guess in WHITE MAN terms my FIRST BLOOD cousins i call them my brothers/sisters as well buuuttt dammnn my nieces and nephew are like in their TEENS my nephew is actually graduating this year from HS lol.. and my two nieces well they're almost there too lol..sooo my cousin had her kids pretty young and soooo when I was probably 8-10 years old..they were babies/kids lol... now they're just big girls and big boy lol... soooo i never really had that "auntie" experience with them, cuz now its just like they are like a brother and sister, they will talk to you ABOUT ANYTHING LOL its sooo funny lol...

            Buuttt yeahh lol..haha... a lil too much info huh? LOL Ohhhh yeah I hear on that BOOKS lol... my boys cleaned house BIG TYME this past christmas lol :Chatter


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              Congats Chyna Gurl :D :blow:
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                I love being an auntie. I'd take my nephew and daughter on "quality time" dates, we would go to the show, eat at McDonalds and head to K-mart for a toy. My nephew is so cute, he told me "I don't need anymore toys, I have enough". :Chatter :Chatter He sounded just cute!!!! Wish my girl was like that...she loves her toys, and shoes.
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                  woohoo char!! tell yo man I said congrats!! :D
                  Hockey is soul food.


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                    Originally posted by Jinglin Chica
                    woohoo char!! tell yo man I said congrats!! :D

                    :Thumbs oh kay :D

                    Thanks girls...


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                      awwwww, just cute! Auntie's are the best!!! Happy Auntie-ness! lol. :D


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                        I'm an auntie!! Became one Sept. 29 th - nephew. Now they found out I'm going to be an auntie AGAIN!! (wonder if they know what is causing it? ) :Chatter


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                          Originally posted by peachy keen
                          I'm an auntie!! Became one Sept. 29 th - nephew. Now they found out I'm going to be an auntie AGAIN!! (wonder if they know what is causing it? ) :Chatter

                          :( gawww and here i thought you was gonna congratulate me LOL


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                            Originally posted by peachy keen
                            I'm an auntie!! Became one Sept. 29 th - nephew. Now they found out I'm going to be an auntie AGAIN!! (wonder if they know what is causing it? ) :Chatter

                            hey thats one day after my bday :p :Chatter (wonders never cease :p
                            *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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                              wooohooo i get to see the lil one in a few weeks :D i think its next weekend they are comin back to AZ!!!


                              my hubby and I already planned on kidnapping her :devil for a day i'm soooo excited.. cuz my baby is now almost 11 months and welllll he's everywhere *L*


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