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    Anyone have any good ideas for personalized license plates?

    yeah, yeah, yeah...

    ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

    If quizzes are "quizical"...What are tests?

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    GOT GAS ? - that'd make a good one!:D


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      Originally posted by Singing Eagle
      GOT GAS ?
      hahahahahahahahaha... goot one!! i'd get that!!
      "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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        NDN DNCR
        Listen to my heart, not just my mouth! The most powerfull thing we can do is,,,share,,, if we don't it dies with us.

        It is the year of the bear, I am sharpening my claws and will no longer tollerate harrassment.

        Born in Winnipeg raised in the Pikwakanagan, Deutschland was never home! Army brat that had no choice in a parents duties to home and country. I Too Serve our flag and work for the uniform.
        Stand behind our troops or stand IN FRONT of them.


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          Use your tribe - "Snaggable"


          "ndn car," "rezbomb," "war pony," "war party," or "pws.commer."
          Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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            Our new license plates say "N8VTWNZ"....:agree?:....on our new :chevy:...due to the fact my Handsome Honey is a twin too and he helped us get it.... So it's a TWNZ-mobile....

            Cost an extra $90 smackers to get, but it's different, so I paid the extra fee...
            "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

            ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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              those are good ideas...keep em coming!!! :D
              yeah, yeah, yeah...

              ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

              If quizzes are "quizical"...What are tests?


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