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AWW...Kids are so cute sometimes

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  • AWW...Kids are so cute sometimes

    So has your child done something incredible cute that just melts your heart?

    My daughter, "Princess", was telling me last night about a classmate that might be suspended from school only she said "disspended" instead.
    She is 8yrs. old.

    My youngest son, "Little Bear", is practicing a song to sing to his Daddy's family when we see him at the powwow. He was listening to Lil' Bowwow's song, 'Where my dawgs' at. Only he is singing "Powwow Wow, yipee yo yipee yay, Where my dawgs at." instead of "Bowwow Wow, yipee yo yipee yay, Where my dawgs at." It is so cute-melt your heart.
    He will be 4yrs. old in 1 week.
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    When I asked my babygirl Mikwan (really my niece) what she wanted for Christmas, she said a Christmas Tree and Buttons :rofl2: that was so cute, but needless to say, she didn't get the buttons:(
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      when my girl gets sick, my mom sits by her and strokes her hair and say "poor girl". My girl asked her "gram, when I'm sick, how come you always poor me?":Chatter :Chatter
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        My son is 12 now, but when he was a lil' guy, and we'd be walking down the street or where there was "dangers" lurking...curbs, raised sidewalks, etc., I would say to him, "Watch your step Son".... now that he's older, he's the one to take my hand first and say "watch your step Mamma...." :Heart .
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          When my son was about 5, he saw a small oil spill and noticing all the colors in it he said, "Look mom, a dead rainbow!"

          (I thought that was just cute!)


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