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  • All you baseball fans..

    ok... my boss has given me a mission to find something on the internet...I am hoping all my friends and family can give me a hand looking for it. There is a large picture of some st. louis cardinals hall of famers signed and all the proceeds went to the backstoppers orginization. In this picture you will find: Red Schoendist, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, and other hall of famers. There are a couple of other ones out there with these men on there but this one is rare.. only 500 copies. It also has something to do with the late Jack Buck... This picture is rare and we have checked all the usual spots, ebay, hall of, but just thought that maybe someone on here might know somewhere on the net that i dont know where to look or might know someone who has one of these pics and would be willing to sell. If anyone here can help I would surely appreciate it. Just send me the links that you find here on the thread or feel free to PM me.. Good luck finding anything and I really really appreciate the help..:D ;)
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    Some where between the emotion of it
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