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  • family verse friends

    Me and my cousin who have grown up since we were born were debating. If a family member is a prime bud are they considered a 'real' friend in comparison to a friend who is not related. I say yes and my cousin says no that family is family and can't be given the title of friend or buds. But my argument is we hang out more then we do with our 'real' friend as he calls it and always have.


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    thats dumb, can't be given that title...

    I dunno guess it depends on the person lol... cuz i call some of my best friends that are females SISTERS and males called BROTHERS even tho they are not related to me by blood or related at all..buuutttt they are my sisters because there is that special bond/friendship there and to call them a friend is like an understatement for me..that is...

    but to call someone in your family, friend..i think its okay... lol.. i mean if you are really close with them then how else would you describe your relationship rather than just "oh this is my cousin" rather you would say "this is my best friend/cousin" :p


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      I refer to my cousins that I get along with "friends" because we have a good "Cousins" on the other hand, I refer to them as cousins...thats it, cuz the only time I hear from them is when they are broke and want money, a ride etc...something that benefits them. Make any sense?? cuz I just confuzed myself, and thats not hard to do LOL :D :Chatter
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        Weird cuz I only hear from my friends when they need money or a ride or a place to stay. But my cousin he says we aren't friends just family that hangs out. Honest I would rather call him my brother not cousin cuz he's the closest thing I have to a brother.



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          Well, my cuzzin whose is also my other cousin is also my brother but not my uncles kid but we treat our other brothers just as if we were blood-related but our sisters (not in-laws) are also really our cuzzins are looked at as our real cousins but some are blood-related so actually they're my real cuzzins as well as sisters.

          I get so confused sometimes.


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            I think it depends on how well u know the person. I could call friends my "brothers" & "sisters" but I think the bond between your real sibs is something greater than a friendship :) it's kinship baybee!! *hits chest* LOL


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