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  • WWWOOOHOOO It can be DONE!!!

    I did it!! I made 5000 posts *LMAO* It can be done!! it happened ummm about 5 posts ago :rofl2: :rofl2:

    Wooohooo... :clap:

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      Congrats Chyna Gurl :Thumbs :Tongue :PTime: :blow: :1Party: :44:
      *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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        Ezaasakwaadek-bkwezhigan ndaa miijin

        ~Though I wear a shirt and tie
        I'm still part red man deep inside!~
        <Paul Revere and the Raiders>

        A very wise old Chief (Archie Mosay) once said to listen carefully when a White man tells you specifically that he won't do this or that, because more often than not he is telling you EXACTLY what he IS about to do.


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          Thank You....Thank You....


          :curtainca :curtainca


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            You give me hope!




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              were all 5000 posts made at work?? :rofl2:


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                dang.....i had a good stream going of posts at one point in time (while i was at school last year hence the creation of homiez n addicts :Chatter but thats beside the point)

                man...............someday i'll get there.....someday
                always thought it'd be me ayeee :rofl2:

                woohoo congrats charmander!!!!! :p
                ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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                  i wish i had 5000 posts....just 500 and i'll be happy....CONGRATS...and many more posts to come...haha
                  blah blah blah....


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                    Way to go!!!



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                      :o I know what to wish for now....... :p

                      Thanks Char.. for living the dream and giving us all hope! :Thumbs

                      and congrats! :bestwishe


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                        how many times did you post each letter of the alphabet? :p
                        jus playin


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                          :o :o :o :o
                          luuu luuu luuu luuu luuu!

                          congrats... i'm happy i just hit my 1,000th... haha... i have LONG ways to go to hit 5g's...
                          "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                            WAY TO GO, I'M ON MY WAY THERE TOO!!! NOT!!!


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                              ill make five g in about ten years.... ill talk smack then...
                              thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                              *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


                              Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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                                Congrats Tradish_Wiyan!!!
                                by BurBz
                                :44:CONGRATS ON YOUR 1000th POST!!:44:


                                May you have many many more posting of posts :p
                                06-03-2004, 01:54 PM
                              • MishkomekinaakIkwe
                                Monday, November 24
                                by MishkomekinaakIkwe
                                7lbs 8 1/2 ounces at 8:02 pm! Getting pictures taken soon..
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                                Congrats To Wildhorse!!!
                                by gaonseh
                                :1Party:CONGRATS TO WILDHORSE -- NEW CHAMPS!!!!!:1Party:

                                I first just want to say I am so proud of you all!! :switcher: It was good to see you all again. I'm sorry I wasn't able to stay to see the big win!!!! :blow:

                                As always, I have you all in my thoughts and prayers--- Congrats...
                                08-31-2004, 01:55 PM
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                              • ~Jingle Pejuta~
                                Whispering Wind Article
                                by ~Jingle Pejuta~
                                Just want to say congrats to my mom (Mato Winyan) on an article she wrote being published in this months issue!! Vol. 35 No. 2 Page 38 for those of you that would like to read it. It's called The Powwow.

                                Job well done and I'm proud of you Mom.
                                09-08-2005, 01:45 PM



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