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  • American Indian Idol

    When the dance is over sweetheart
    I will take you home
    In my one eyed Ford
    Hey yo hey ya ey ya o hi ya
    Hey ya hi hey ya hi yooo

    Well how did I do? Am I on my way to Hollywood?

    *Hmmm, where would Indian Hollywood be?*

  • #2
    the American Indian hollywood is in Afghanistan. You should move there! ;)
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


    • #3
      Be nice, super! His lyrics suck, but maybe he's got a nice singning voice. If not, I'll buy his ticket to Kandahar.


      • #4
        Did you just say my lyrics suck? Do you realize that you just insulted the composer (whoever that may be) of one of the most classic round dances of Indian history? That song is a "must have" for any round dance repertoire.


        • #5
          i want to be on american indain idol
          blah blah blah....


          • #6
            *said in best British accent*

            You take singing lessons? DO you have a lawyer? Well get a lawyer and sue her!
            Got percap?


            • #7
              I wanna be the smart chick in the blue dress. Did you HEAR her the other night? Wheeeew boy! That chic can saaaaang (not).

              At least she' Harvard Grad.
              Poetry is life in print.




              • #8
                no u didn't!!!

                Originally posted by Tsanuwa Usgolv
                His lyrics suck

                ***CYBER SLAP***
                "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


                • #9
                  daaang! Go Siale!! haha:Chatter :Chatter


                  • #10
                    uhh, tsvwa-person. Dem lyrics he is puttin forth for our perusal are from a really old 49 song. kinda like these:

                    Honey you left me for to go
                    Crow Fair and Indian Rodeo
                    Hope you get the Diharrhea

                    but here, here is a new one for you.

                    Would you like some squeezee cheez?
                    Eat it by the two and threes.

                    Boobear doesn't think it's funny
                    when it gives his wife a upset tummy

                    bacon cheddar it's a dilly
                    but it makes you kinda smelly

                    Would you like some squeezee cheez?
                    eat it by the two and threes!
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                    Mad Scientists Union Local 42
                    Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow

                    The secret of my succes is 30% natural talent, 10% inspiration, and the remaining 60% is just the fact that I am nucking futs.


                    • #11
                      Oh ok, go on and whip me, beat me, and make me feel like barnyard dirt. :(

                      And crabby, I KNOW you didn't learn ebonics growing up under my roof. The Squeezy Cheese thing is kinda cute, tho. Almost as catchy as "Gotta Quida Now" or that song you and your sister made up about asking everyone at the powwow for money to buy frybread and pop with.


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