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look at my "NEW REZ CAR!"

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  • look at my "NEW REZ CAR!"

    Yes, this is my REZ CAR, hence the licence plate. Yeah it is a 1993 and a half hyundai excel. It is a 93' and a half because it has some 1994 parts on it......

    Look at the pic carefully to see why i call it a rez car!

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    If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

    You say I don't look indian? Well you don't look stupid, but looks can be deceiving!

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    ummmm okay i don't get it :o


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      two completely different tail lights......
      If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

      You say I don't look indian? Well you don't look stupid, but looks can be deceiving!


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        k...i don't get it either....that don't even come CLOSE to a rez car, cept the license plate
        yeah, yeah, yeah...

        ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

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            My best rez car was a 1979 Camaro that was 3 different shades of blue and one part red, daisy duke doors, bungeed trunk, ceiling lining held up with tacks, broken speedometer, accelerated on it's own, no muffler---dang thing always started tho' even in
            -40 below or more.


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              taillights are different


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                What rez did you buy it on or live on? Has to be one or the other to qualify.


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                  Dang girl you got to different tail lights!! *lol* but it's all good :)


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                    you think you have a rez car.....you should see mine....now thats a TRUE rez car....hehe....my parents used to have a big wagon just like the one in the pic....but i guess it doesn't matter when you one the rez anyway.....because everyone has a rez car.
                    blah blah blah....


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                      thats just reminded me....this guy on my rez has the same car execpt his was like a lime green color.....very funne looking and the noise was uncontrollable
                      blah blah blah....


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                        Psssssshhh. That ain't no rez car First of all, at least it's GOT two tailights.

                        Take my jalopy for instance...

                        --Bumber is only attached on the left side, big *** dents in the right side from playing real life bumper cars.

                        --First gear doesn't work, so you have to start out in second...and that's about to give.

                        --Even then, you have to pop the clutch at an exact second otherwise it grinds the ears off any cars in a 3 mile radius.

                        --No side view mirror...ON EITHER SIDE.

                        --Carpets are worn worn down the metal.

                        --The gas gage has NEVER touched "F". The closest it ever was that it was so empty it went past "E" and almost all the way around to "F".

                        --Trunk wont open any more. At all.

                        --Can't lock the doors or else they won't open anymore neither.

                        --Can fit 8 people and two boxes of beer even thought it is only a two door hatchback.

                        And last but not least...

                        --Sweetgrass hanging from the rearview.
                        Got percap?


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                          hey jibbs... you almost described my beat up rez car that i had to lay to rest... cept i had a powwow roach hangin' from the mirror & sweetgrass in the dash board!
                          but my ride was ALL busted up!
                          *only the left blinker worked... so i had to make left turns to get everywhere
                          *it had dead tags.... thank goodness my bro backed into the lightpost & dented the bumper so no one could see the dates (haha)
                          *each window had a different tint
                          *the rear gate/window wouldn't open/ lay down
                          *the seatbelt lock was turned the other way
                          *the volume "touch pads" weren't responsive... so it'd be blastin' full force and there was NO WAY to turn it down (not to mention it ate all the tapes & only picked up one radio station!)
                          *it idled @ 25 mph!
                          *you had to put full force into the brake (almost stand up) in order to stop
                          *steer like i was makin' a right turn in order for it to go straight since the alignment was outta wack
                          *and you could hear that baby purr MILES away!

                          hahahah... that was my old faithful man... i miss it! but least i still have a daily reminder cause it's still sittin' in fronta my parent crib... hahaha... just rez huh?
                          you can take the ndn outta the rez... but can't take the rez outta the ndn!
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                            Originally posted by bushy_braids

                            *you had to put full force into the brake (almost stand up) in order to stop
                            That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!! I can't just imagine your head going thru the sunroof or some ish. hahaha!!

                            Actually it reminds me of this one Rez Rocket I had back in the day. The floor on teh drivers side rusted out and corroded into this one big friggin hole. You had to sit in teh car like you were getting into a limo w/ amini skirt on--arse first.

                            Anyhoo, my brakes were like that too. On more than one occassion I was positive that it would be much easier just to slap my feet on the ground and stop the car à la Fred Flintstone. Shoot, it would have probably been faster to roll like him too.
                            Got percap?


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                              Can only fit 3 good frybreaders in there. Maybe a drum in de back.
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