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    :blow: :blow:

    Yuppersss SUE the T-REX is gonna be in town (PHX Area - mesa actually @ a museum) till April of this year.....

    :bouncy:.... :clap:.... :bouncy:.... :clap:.... :bouncy:

    Wooohooo - and imma take my boys this weekend.. my son LOVES dinosaurs!!!! ;)I think i'm more excited about it *L* We went to the AZ Science Center a few weeks back for the opening of the Dragon Bones :p lol that was cooooooollll!!! FINALLY they put her old bones back together *L*:Thumbs

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    HELP! I'm a sauropod (popularly called a "brontosaur"). She EATS
    my kind!


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      I saw the T-rex named Sue in Honolulu, Hawaii...I thought it was an awesome display. This was in a few years ago when I was stationed in Hawaii. There was a big promo for it, and got me a shirt and some other stuff. I remember the kids in Hawaii loved it.

      I am a dino/ prehistoric animal fan so it was worth it too me to see. Saw the ones in Washington, D.C. and that was cool too.

      Ndnsoldierboy11b :flag:


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        NdNSoldier....:Thumbs...cooooolll you seen it too!!! WOOOHOOO Yup i'll probably take my boys tomorrow :D i'm all excited... dinosaurs are sooo cool! :Thumbs


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          *LOL* I couldn't get into the digging cause all the spots were taken up by the mass kids there. They had this one exhibit on how plant eaters and predators might have seen and you got too look thru a dino eyes so to speak... and the T-rex skull is cool and the teeth of this predator is awesome...I got it on video thankfully...Oh yeah, the dinos in the movies is great too. another thing I saw in Hawaii...

          I ended up getting the Mickey dees dino cups...they are like Big Gulps or something...Enjoy the exhibit!!!!


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            There is a dinosaur mailing list: [email protected] to which
            you can subscribe. There is another dinosaur group on


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              Dinosaurs may NOT have died off without issue. There is a
              widely held theory that birds may be descended from a
              small cousin of the infamous velociraptor of Jurassic Park
              fame. There are several animals which seem to be intermediate
              between dinosaurs and birds. E.g. Archaeopteryx, Protoavis.


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                Dinos have always been there...we just have to reveal them...

                T'was not that beauty that killed the beast, but, beauty...


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                  Welllppp... :Thumbs...:Thumbs

                  Sue was a cooooooollll EXHIBIT!! :p

                  Yuuppp.. my son really thought it was cool... man is SUE tiny lol... It was awesome! I recommend others living in the valley of the sun to go check it out... its here till like April 18 of this year :D


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                    Maannn they didn't have the digging thing at this exhibit tho.. it was only at the Dragon Bones display which is a different dino display going on down here.. :( lol

                    Ooohhh dammit.. i really really wanted that kids t-shirt that said "I SAW SUE the T-REX" LOL..but dammit..they only had up to large (childs size) in that size and maybe i could have fitted into a childs size large lol.. :rofl2: :lol2:

                    Soo my sons were the only ones that got those shirts *L* :D


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                      Originally posted by alamosaurus
                      Dinosaurs may NOT have died off without issue. There is a
                      widely held theory that birds may be descended from a
                      small cousin of the infamous velociraptor of Jurassic Park
                      fame. There are several animals which seem to be intermediate
                      between dinosaurs and birds. E.g. Archaeopteryx, Protoavis.
                      good ole sue morphed into a cash cow.... so id consider her one of these intermediates
                      thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                      *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                        I am glad you liked the exhibit...I would love to see it again...But that won't be for awhile...:Chatter Maybe the Army could send my on an expedition to look for dino fossils...:Chatter Then again, maybe they will keep me in the desert anyway and instead of digging for fossils, they will make me dig foxholes:Chatter

                        See you latah...



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                          SUE just left Anchorage last week... She's probably gonna like the warmth of AZ after being in AK
                          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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