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  • Dream Job

    What's your dream job?

    I would love to teach massage near or on a rez. have a massage school open to all people, regardless if people would be able to pay or not.

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    i just thought of another dream job of mine: a photographer that travels all over the place. i have the camera and the like. just have to get good to that. i am on my way, coming to a town near you.


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      I wanted to be several things such as a truck driver. I can drive and see the country. I wanted to be an airline pilot, so I can see the world. I wanted to be a doctor so that I can cure the sick. I wanted to be a writer so I can write whateva the hell I wanted to write. I wanted to be a dancer so that I can make MC Hammer's videos (AYE on this ONE!).

      In reality, I guess what I want to do is something with computers. My major right now is Graphic Arts, so that field will lead me anywhere such as website designs, publisher or anything.

      My dream job would pay a significant amount and be enjoyable. I wouldn't mind working by myself, or owning my own company.
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