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  • To spank or not to spank

    The supreme Court of Canada is about to rule on whether to drop a law that allows spanking a child for discipline. If dropped, a person could face a max. 5 yrs. for spanking their child. I'm saying spanking. Not beating. Not azz-kicking. Just a hand-spanking on the butt.

    Have you ever been spanked? Are you a worse person for it? A better person?

    Does time-out work? Sending kids to their room? Taking away priveleges? What works?

    I spanked my child as a youngster. Not as soon as he done something. There was always a cooling off period. Then it was explained why he was going to get it. He received about 4 spankings in his lifetime and he always knew what they were for.
    Seems to have worked well.

    Tell us about it. How do you feel about possibly being charged for disciplining your child this way.

    I'm not talking about adult spanking, so don't start. Okay?

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    Yes--'I've spanked my girls. But only with my hand. Only on their butts or my favorite --the thigh. Just a quick smack. You know keep em in line. Its so rare. My oldest girls i dont. They just know better. I will talk to them about stuff. I will smack my baby girl's thigh (she is 3) but it doesnt seem to faze her much.
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      I see nothing wrong what so ever with spanking. My kids get spanked. As long as you're not beating your child, it's fine. My youngens know, if they do somethin that deserves one, and I am truely pissed off, they will get a "keep a way from dad" look and when Ive cooled down, I then spank them.

      To me, it's a form of disclipline, if done properly.

      Hell, here in the south, they still offer it in schools.
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        I'm not talking about adult spanking, so don't start. Okay?
        Darn... Sounds like you know this crowd! :Tongue

        Anyway... Take more issues from the home and parents and give it to a cold system that cannot run it'self.. just what we need.
        Like you said have a cooling off time.. good point... there has to be boundries. Instead of a gov intervening in court after the fact... give the skills and knowledge ahead of time.
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          well ive spanked my daughter once and shes been behaved ever since. Now my son is another matter. I dont think you can spank boys enough lol jk. However if its a mutiple whooping I dont approve of it because it seems to close to beatings. under 3 timeouts seem to work. However over 3 it seems to be a joke for boys anyway. Unfortunately boys dont have boundaries like electric sockets and roads. Just my experience but I discipline my son everyway possible, timeouts, spankings. My limits on his life are very liberal but the limits are not flexible. somethings they just got to learn on their own no matter how hard it is to watch.


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            Re: To spank or not to spank

            Originally posted by Kiwehnzii

            Have you ever been spanked? Are you a worse person for it? A better person?

            Yeah, it's not so bad. But it sucks when you forget the Safe word.
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              There is a difference between half-killing your youngun and using discipline to keep their lil azzes in line. I was spanked and I'm a better person for it. My parents not only spanked me but talked to me too so that I understood what I did was wrong and why. It didn't happen that often though. Will I spank my future kids? heck yeah if they step out of line. I think government should step in when the child is in danger but not when they did something to warrant a spanking. I saw this kid at a store once that called his mom a b*. Now first of all this would NOT have been my child but.... for illustrative purposes if he were, I would have worn his lil behind out. Another kid I know spit in his grandma's face. My parents always said mold them when they're small. Don't wait until they're almost adults to start raising them.

              Oh yeah SmokeEater. Yer a perv. :Chatter :Chatter
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                I've gotten spanked when i was small, and I thought twice about doing whatever it was that got me that spanking. I swat my girl to get her far as government intervention in "spanking"...that is going a little too far. The government controls way too much and they loused that up, whats to say that they won't louse up "parenting" if they had a say in it.
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                  Originally posted by tradish_wiyan
                  I've gotten spanked when i was small, and I thought twice about doing whatever it was that got me that spanking. I swat my girl to get her far as government intervention in "spanking"...that is going a little too far. The government controls way too much and they loused that up, whats to say that they won't louse up "parenting" if they had a say in it.
                  The government will find a way to bring new economy to the city and state levels. If parents break this possible new law pay penalties guess who gets the penalty funding?

                  Its all in best interest of the child remember.


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                    It shouldn't hurt to be a child :)

                    I'm not down with spanking here.. although we are different in our ways of disciplining our children, with me..taking away privileges works with my older son..but come on..he is only 4 years old..and there is only sooo much a 4 year old knows at his age..BUT if he does something that he KNOWS is not say for example... pushing over his 9 1/2 month old brother which he has not done yet lol...but he will get certain privileges taken away... but he's a good boy, he will have his moments but don't all toddlers do? LOL I guess patience is one thing we parents need to have... thank goodness i don't live in canada if i spanked my child *LMAO* :p

                    but shouldn't hurt to be a child ;)


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                      shoooooooot its good to get a spaken every once and awhile i still get them and im 14!!!! shoot ive even got a couple of beatings but im still learning and when i have kids ill probably give them some spanks on the butt to keep them in line but u know my aunt gives her kids time outs and that doesnt seem to work her kid the oldest who is like 7yrs old just back talkes her and wants to why why why and im like spank her so she can have some punishment crap and one day i was watching her and 4 of my other little cuzez and they were running all over the place and wouldnt obey me so i had to spank them on the butts then they knew i ment buisness :31: :31: :33: now they listen to me whenever i tell them to do sumthing :creeper: :D

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                        Hell yeah I got the beats put to me, and my son will too. Well, maybe not as harshly as it was to me. But he knows. "The Eye" hasn't failed yet but he knows I am not afraid to open a standard issue Jib can on him should he get outta line.

                        Cmon, going to jail for trying to keep your kids out of it? Shooooo, one twisted society we got here.
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                          Originally posted by Burberrilish

                          I'm not down with spanking here..but shouldn't hurt to be a child ;)

                          i completely agree with you..i don't spank my daughter...nor will i ever
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                            oh i remember t he eye jibby my mom used it i was crushed for a week it was worse than a spanking. My mom would look at me like i made her feel like the worst person. That was her last resort to use the eye. Oh man I would rather have a spanking every hour than the eye.

                            However you disciplline your children and whatever limits you put on. They should always be consistent. No should always mean no. My mom always spanked but when my dad it, it never happened again. I got 2 from my dad and i still feel them. One for stealing a car when I was 8 and the other for throwing a ball through the window.


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                              Original or Contemporary Parenting lol, I never hit my kids, remember the *** whippins i took as a child and would never have my child go thru the hurt and confusion that I went thru, don't mean some kids don't need a spanking ,just my choice.
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