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  • Your dream wedding?

    Alright I know I'm gonna get a bunch of "marriage sux" replies, but for those of us stupid ones, what and where is your dream wedding?

    I didn't get married in the tradish way but I did have a church wedding, complete with a Navajo pastor:) It was kinda strange considering I hadn't been to church in decades and my new husband wasn't christian in any sense of the word, I don't think he's even read one word of the bible. But, that was the way to do it to be "official". Afterwards tho', we had a rip roaring rezzed out reception. LOL. It was too fun.

    In my wilder dreams, I wish I could have gotten married with my full crew of crazy ndns in Vegas. Now that would have been straight up F-U-N. Running around that city in wedding gear, it would be a 48 hour party.:)

    What about you?

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    My dream wedding...

    ... would be at Disneyland. :mickey2:

    Complete with Cinderella's coach and all the fixins!

    Naturally the park would close to the general public and ONLY 2000 of our personal friends and family would be invited. ;)


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      That's a good idea! The kids would just love that huh?


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        Soo.. yeah.. my wedding... Right now I'm at point where I'm saying "marriage shmarriage".. :o BUT perhaps maybe I'll find someone who'll turn my head and go.. Whoohoo.. :Chatter

        My wedding planner will be my buddy, "Ray". I'd like to be "tradish." She told me her dad's drum will be singing "I love you" off on the side... An elder from Northern Ontario will be performing the ceremony. I'll have about 10 bridesmaids... lol.. AND two maid-of-honours. I know I won't be able to choose between my sisters.

        Colours:... burgundy, "ivory" and antique rose


        No. of guests:... the whole rez and his family/friends... and whoever else shows up "uninvited" for the reception.. lol..

        :)... Ahh... who knows!!
        ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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          on a beach in hawaii...with only my closest family and friends.....and my two maids of honor cuz both my best friends would kill me if i didnt pick them...

          plus like maybe....about 5 other bridesmaids
          we'd stay for like a week or so in hawaii then come back to the mainland and have a huge party with the rest of the people!

          then he'd wisk me a way for a 2 week honey moon in like i dunno Spain?? Italy?
          a girl can dream cant she??
          ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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            well....HAHA...first thing...before i begin planning. I have to find the husband :2: :2: :2: :curtainca :curtainca
            blah blah blah....


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              drama drama drama.....

              sooo thats why i choose to elope now *LMAO*

              and VEGAS here we come!!!!


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                I need a bride first. What ever she wants to make her dream weddin come true I'll make it possible. If I'm willin to marrry her she's the one and I'll be sure to make her happy any way I can.



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                  Oh yeah.. and the reception... Anyone watch American Wedding?... I loved the room they had... and the wedding reception... with the flowers.. and the covered seats... it was purdee..

                  The tables wouldn't have... the regular napkins!!.. but the fancy shmancy... cloth napkins.. :p... Or.... One the napkins, invitations or matches.. :p I'd have it in silver... a drawing of a woman in a buckskin dress and her husband in a grass/tradish regalia.. with their backs turned and holding hands... know what I mean??
                  ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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                    As long as my dream wedding is outside and all our loved ones are there.....that's what I dream of.....:2: :2: ....I don't need fancy-shmancy.....just the vows....LOL....
                    "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."

                    ~ Ah nech me hewet ~ :49:


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                      Originally posted by Burberrilish
                      sooo thats why i choose to elope now *LMAO*

                      and VEGAS here we come!
                      is that where you are right now?

                      Hockey is soul food.


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                        I'm planning my friends wedding right now too. But dammmit Char, if you're going to Vegas, you better let me know!:Yell


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                          Offffff course kweeee i'll let ya know when we decide to "RENEW" our vows *LMAO*

                          Weeee are thinking of doing it this year :devil


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                            well, if things go well with my honey, i would saw my dream wedding have family and friends all around. i was thinking of wearing my mom's wedding dress. i think a pow wow reception would be cool.


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