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  • Superbowl commercials

    Are you like me and the highlight of the superbowl is the commercials? wHICH was your favorite commercial this year. Most of them were pretty lousy this year, but the donkey wanting to be a budwieser clydesdale had me rolling on the floor!!!
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    The budlight commercials had me cracking up...but I loved the muppets and the pizza hut one! :)
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      the Ford GT commercials were cool......thats my dream car......
      and the Cadillac one where it was silent then u heard all the sound....that was cool.......there was another one i thought was funny! but i cant remember what it was.....

      did u ppl hear about the commercials they DIDNT show cuz they thought it was too controversial?? apparently there was a peta commercial about impotence and some other one....
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        i noticed there were alot of commericals for erectile disfuntion.... i guess uve got a captive audience of millions of men... huh...
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          Here is the PETA AD

          and here is the other ad

          the peta ad is kinda funny....
          but the second ad makes u think...its a stab at thats prolly why they didnt want to show it......
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            OH and i liked the Jimi Hendrix pepsi commercial! i thought that was cool
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              i'd love to be on a superbowl commercial
              blah blah blah....


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                I liked the one with the kids with soap in the mouths. Then they pull up the Caddy? convertible and the lil black boy is with his mom and he goes "Holy SSSSSSHHHHH"

                The next seen he has soap in his mouth.

                I like Cedric the Entertainer Budweiser one and the Lays Chip one too.


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                  There were several about Erectile Dis****tion.... oops, a tie po

                  The Cadalac spots, I mean, how small does yer willy have to be to qualify for an escapade, like the name isnt a clue to what they are really selling.
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                  We will take you and your wives and children and make them slaves...
                  And we will take your property and will do you all the harm and evil we can..."

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                    You can watch all the 2004 superbowl ads here:
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                      I liked the one where the horse farted in the ladies face. That was crude humor at it's finest.
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                        ha ha ha real funny ha ha ha


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                          I liked most of them.

                          That one was scary tho! One of those 36 hour erectile pills said that if your erection lasts longer than 3 hours you need to get immediate medical help!!! Probably fall off or something. jokes:p
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                            I liked the one where the coach was yelling at the ref and the ref just stood there totally ignoring the coach, and then the comentator say look at teh ref wounder where he gets his training to put up with that yelling.....then they show the ref at his home and his wife comes in and starts yelling at him to do house work ect.......guess you had to see it. Them Cadilac ones were good too..


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                              My fav was the one were the guy dropped the bag of chips in front of the elder couple and they start racing for it! But then the old dude trips the grandma with his cane! And when she tried to get back up, he pushes her down with his cane!!! HA!!!! Then he finally gets the bag but then the Grandma busts out the Old dudes DENTURES!!! :Chatter Me and my roomy was ROOOOLLLLLIING! :Chatter

                              The other really cute cool one was when the bears busted into a cabin and ate all the food but then went to the store and forged a check to buy some pepsi! Then took off running when they got outside of the store! I lost it!:Chatter
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