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Is it ok to yell?

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  • Is it ok to yell?

    I think there are at least two different posts about spanking, to spank or not to spank.

    Well here is a different alternative! What about when you are out in public and all you hear are children screaming and throwing temper tantrums because they are not getting their way?

    At a restaurant and children are throwing food all over the place and no one is doing anything about it, because they are afraid someone might think they abuse their child?

    You see a child look their parent right in the eye smile a big smile and take a candy bar right after being told no, because they KNOW their parent won't fuss at them or punish them in public?

    What do you do?

    Is it the way the parent is raised? Or the child?

    If this is your child, is it ok to yell at them if you can't "spank" them? eww ruining self esteem! How cruel! You might damage them for life, because you yelled at them!

    How do you handle it? As long as it's not mine, I walk away. It's not the way I raised my daughter to act, or to get away with, but since so many are against spanking, this can be what happens, I know, I've been with a lady who went through all three senarios, and wound up in court! What did the judge say? The kid needed a good spanking!
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    I've given my kid a good swat on the butt for acting up in a store before. She's good though, I gave her "the look" once and told her in a low tone..Knock it off NOW... and she screamed like I just threatened to peel her skin off. I nipped that in the bud fast. I think kids just somehow "know" that you don't want to have a scene in a store in front of strangers.
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      not all children r like that 4 some its jus how there raised u know
      if u cant handle them in the store theres always a babysitter


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        Why yell when you can still get your point a cross to the kids with talk. My dad rarely yelled at me but sat with me and talked no yelling unless I was up stairs and he was calling me for meals.



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          I used to get spanked and that **** HURTS....:Cry
          blah blah blah....


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            Originally posted by ~>CARAMEL*APPLE<~
            not all children r like that 4 some its jus how there raised u know
            if u cant handle them in the store theres always a babysitter
            . Some kids are just strong willed and mine's one of them. If you think it's that easy to get a babysitter and you can afford it to just go run to the store..then by all means, pawn your kids off on someone else. I'd rather teach mine proper manners in the store.
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              when you yell at a child, it doesn't matter what you are saying to them...all they hear is the yelling. You can say "YOU ARE THE BEST CHILD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH" and all the child hears is the yelling. I personally don't yell at my girl, she knows when she pushed me past my limit...I will speak to her in a loud voice, but not yelling. it hurts my voice to yell. :p
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                When my kids were little I'd give them a good swat if they needed it but I don't think I ever yelled at them. I tried to teach them good manners and if they acted up I would take them in the bathroom or some other private place and talk to them. :NoNo They would always straighten up after that. My sisters and cousins always wanted to know what I did or said to them but I would never tell. It wasn't any threats or hitting or anything like that, I would just tell them if they didn't behave we would leave and people didn't want to see or hear them misbehaving. After we left a couple of times, they realized I was serious and would behave whenever we went anywhere. I don't know maybe my kids were just good kids. My sister's kids are terrors! They won't even listen to our parents. And my sister doesn't help, all she does is get after her oldest and says nothing to her younger kid, who is usually the cause of all the uproar!


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