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  • Indigenous97

    :D wyo_rose - Thanks I am going to check it out!!!!! I hope it works cause I am always..................zzzzzz :Sleeping zzzzzzzz SLEEPY!!!!

    :) firecloud - Someone just email this to me about Bear Root!
    Try Herbalist and Alchemist. You can reach them at 800-611-8235
    I hope that helps you out again if I hear anything else I will let ya know!

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  • wyo_rose
    Re: Melatonin......

    Originally posted by Indigenous97
    wyo_rose - Is your Mom able to fall asleep and stay a sleep with this stuff? I know whenever I take Tynelol PM I usually end up waking up at zero dark thirty and wonder if it is time to get up yet. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to try another method.
    Yep, she has no problems staying asleep. In fact she looks for the pills with the smallest amount and cuts them in half. That's enough for her - of course, she's just a tiny person too.:)

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  • Indigenous97
    Bear Root.........

    I found the following information on "Bear Root" from the "Scared Path Reiki" website -
    Here is what they had to say:
    Bear Root - Endangered Species

    Lomatium macrocarpum; Apiaceae

    :) Bear root has a wonderful spirit. When we are in the lodge we will chew a small piece of this mountain root to keep our singing voice throughout the ceremony. Sometimes someone will bring bear root powder or shavings and we will offer this to the Stone People as an offering to them. Many different tribes found different uses for this herb:

    The Blackfoot people use it as a strengthener, An infusion of roots is taken for weakness. They also learned that the smoke from burning roots or decoction of roots inhaled by horses was a cure for distemper.
    The people known as the Crow used this root as an external antirheumatic. A poultice of boiled root shavings is used for reducing swellings. Also, they used an infusion of root shavings mixed with animal fat as a cold remedy, as a throat aid: roots chewed and the juice soothes a sore throats. During a ceremony, the root shavings are sprinkled on live coals or sprinkled on hot stones as an offering to produce a ceremonial incense; root shavings are also sprinkled on live coals in the home to deodorize and purify the air, to smudge an area or as an offering during prayer.
    Lakota Sun Dance singers chew this one in order that they keep their singing voices throughout the Sun Dance. Pow wow singers have been known to chew some bear root, too.
    :dontknow: From what we've been told, bear root grows high in the mountains, above 8,000 feet. Sometimes it is a hard one to find. We usually get ours at the annual pow wow here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    They have an email link where you can contact them. It is:
    [email protected]
    I hope this helps you firecloud I know it really isn't that much like where you can actually can get some but hopefully someone esle can read this and maybe point you to someone who does have some. I have also emailed some people so I will let you know as soon as I hear anything back!
    Last edited by Indigenous97; 02-24-2004, 08:43 AM.

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  • firecloud
    Native Remedies...

    I wasn't sure where to go because i don't know where else to search. Where in the world would i find BEARROOT? Any help would be great...i'm out of places to go...does it have another name...cause if it does i have not a clue....

    Thank YOU....hope anyone can help me.


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  • Indigenous97

    Melatonin!!! Yes, just looked it up and your right of course!!! I haven't tried that one yet but here is what the book said.

    Melatonin, a hormone secreted naturally by the pineal gland, is said to induce sleep without negative side effects; try a 5mg capsule nightly for two weeks at bedtime. Because experience with this hormone is limited, consult your doctor.

    wyo_rose - Is your Mom able to fall asleep and stay a sleep with this stuff? I know whenever I take Tynelol PM I usually end up waking up at zero dark thirty and wonder if it is time to get up yet. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to try another method.

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  • wyo_rose
    Melatonin is something you can use every night. My mom uses it for 2 - 3 weeks then takes a week off as your body starts to get "used to it".

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  • Indigenous97
    started a topic Alternative Meds for........

    Alternative Meds for........

    I have had problems falling a sleep :Sleeping for years now becuase of doing shiftwork so here's what I found out in the Time Life - Medical advisor. It might help you out as well.

    Herbal Therapies: :e11:
    Half an hour before bedtime, drink a calming herbal tea made with Chamomile, St. John's War, Lime Blossom, Passionflower or Hops.

    For insomnia with nervous tension :Idea use Vervain or Skullcap. Also Valerian is effective and seldom causes morning sleepiness:
    Brew Valerian tea or take about 20 drops of tincture in water at bedtime; experiment to find the dosage that suits you best. ****Note: That Valerian, like any sleeping aid, acts as a central nervous system depressant and should not be taken every night :NoNo ****

    Also, Calcium and Magnesium taken 45 minutes before bedtime can have a tranquilizing effect. Use a 2:1 ratio, such as 500mg of calcuim and 250mg of magnesium in tablet or capsule form.

    If you have any that you would like to share please do! :Thumbs

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