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Rally Up Support Against Justice System In Okla

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  • Rally Up Support Against Justice System In Okla

    My name is Roy Spang. Most of our young people know me as Sam. I am 25 years old. I am an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Montana, but was raised in Oklahoma. I grew up as a Sac and Fox, and am a member of the Fox Warrior Clan. I am also Kickapoo and Shawnee.

    I am writing this to you today, in hopes of gaining your support.

    On March 3rd of 2003 my mom, Janice Stevens, and two of my old aunties, Juanita Goodreau and Mary Clark, all women of the Fox Clan of the Sac and Fox Nation, were killed by a drunk driver, a white boy, in Lincoln County in Oklahoma on a dangerous curve between Stroud and Davenport.

    These women represented three different generations of a family. My mom was Janice Stevens, her aunt was Juanita Goodreau, then my moms great aunt was Mary Clark.

    Now, at the beginnings of this case it was considered as open and shut. However, Steven Beck and Tasha Lee were both in the truck that collided head on with my family. From the beginning they pointed the finger at each other and denied they were driving.

    The evidence shows that only one air bag went off in the truck and that the passengers air bag was turned off. The girl had all her teeth knocked out and almost died, the boy still has all his teeth and had air bag burns on his face... so we know who was driving. Today this boy is about to get away with murder because of a technicality.

    Please bear with me here. This whole case rests on a scientific calculation known as Back Exstrapulation. They didn't get Beck's BAC level until 3.5 hours after the accident. The legal time limit the law is supposed to get the BAC is within 2 hours. 3.5 hours after the accident Beck's alcohol was at 0.05, the legal intoxication is 0.10. When the OSBI used the Back Exstrapulation to calculate his BAC at the time of the accident, it was well above the legal limit, using the conservative sides of this calculation even.

    However, even though all the evidence the Lincoln County's DA's office had gathered from the experts of the Oklahoma State Troopers and the OSBI, was going to be used to prosecute Beck, as was declared in the early preliminary hearings of this case by Judge Craig Key, a new Judge in this latest hearing listened to motions filed on behalf of Beck by his Attorney Mr. Ball-Tipton, and had used an old obsolete legal model for setting precedents in cases and had decided that the Exstrapulation wasn't going to be allowed in this case in his court because the Back Exstrapulation didn't meet 1 of 4 guidelines of the old obsolete legal model this new Judge used.

    Nonetheless, this new Judge gave us a small window of time to decide if we are going to appeal his decision or if we are going to go with the lesser charge of a misdemeanor manslaughter, where Beck would only be held for probably a year or two then released on probation.

    So this case is not over. It seems like everyone wants it to be over, it seems like Lincoln County is tired of dealing with it and wants it to be over, only now it seems like the case has lost its momentum. If it was dealt with quickly and righteously this case would be over and the Indians would win for once in this country even though we were the ones victimized in this drunk driving case. The stereotype is reversed in this case. It is now the drunk white boy killing the 3 strong Indian women, instead of the drunk Indian killing the poor innocent pure white women. If an Indian did this he would have been thrown in jail immediately and probably wouldn't have been released until he served all 3 counts of his sentence. Regardless the courts have been more than sympathetic to Beck, releasing him on Bond even not long after they arrested him.

    The Judge however granted us some time, and a way to Appeal to a higher court to possibly set up guidelines and precedent for using Back Exstrapulation in these types of drunk driving cases.

    The family is going to push for the DA's office to Appeal. I am going to ask his word that he is going to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law and I am going to hold him to it.

    This case is going to need a lot of public support to raise the awareness of the general public concerning these Indian issues. Racism must not be allowed to down play this case. This case is a land mark case and the DA's office, the Judges, the Courts, and our State Legislators need to stop acting like its not... just because we are Indians, who are considered the laziest, drunkest, and dumbest bums in Oklahoma.

    This case has the possibility of fueling the American Indian Social Justice movement. My father was Ray Spang, a very important leader of the Indians of All Tribes and the American Indian Movement, who was always behind the scenes, always. He never wanted to be the face of the movement, but he wanted to empower the movement. He was involved in almost every action AIM took in the 60's and 70's. He was also on the Executive Committee of the NCAI in the 70's where he made a united effort bring American Indian political philosophies to life. My father was educated first in Cambridge, Mass. where he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard on scholarship. He was their on scholarship because his test scores were so high. He then went to California and attended Berkley. While in California he took the I.Q. test and tested at genius levels. He was one of the visionary, innovative youth who empowered the Bay Area Indians to take over Alcatraz Island. To this day when people think of Alcatraz, of the BIA take over, of AIM, they remember the name Ray Spang. My father was one of the many strong native men who was mysteriously killed during the height of the movement. He was murdered in 1981. His genius concerning AIM was with his ability to quickly and efficiently set up and organize AIM cells. He personally went to many communities in the Northern Plains and all throughout the Southwesthern United States setting up chapters.

    My mom was also involved in the movement, only my moms fight was for the protection of our environment. She was on Honor the Earth's National Board of Advisors. She helped coordinate national concert tours of Grammy Award winning recording artists in an effort to raise money to help grassroots Indians be able to help themselves and empower their local communities. They raised over a million dollars doing these tours. She served on that Board with Winona LaDuke who at one point ran for Vice President of the United States with Ralph Nader. She also served on the National Board of the Indigenous Environmental Network which is one of the strongest organizations in Indian country today with an Indigenous membership that encircles Mother Earth. She also served as alternate Director of the International Indian Treaty Council's Oklahoma Region.

    I just wanted to run through a list of the organizations my parents were involved with to help bring a better understanding to the struggles I face today... with Uniting our Indian Nations our Indian People on behalf of Social Justice.

    If this Steven Beck is allowed to go free, in my mind that is act of genocide... in this day and age, genocide. Only its not Andrew Jackson saying, Kill All The Indians! Its not even Kill The Indian, Save The Man genocide. What this is telling the people of Oklahoma is that its alright, its alright to kill Indians... they don't deserve justice. If you kill an Indian, not even one but three strong Indian women, its alright... we'll bring you to jail but not for long... we'll let you out on bond... then we'll make it impossible almost for the Indians to win in court. So they aren't using guns or their religion to justify killing Indians, but they are now using the Court System... entangling us in their Court System even if we are the victims.

    What I hope to do is encourage as many people as I can to get behind this case, to support this Back Exstrapulation and to tell your Congressmen and your Senators about how you feel about all this. I am hoping to pass around petitions for action and get as many people as I can to sign them to show our legislators that we do have support for this struggle, not only within Oklahoma but from around the globe... Hawaii, New Zealand, South America, Mexico, Canada, Australia and where ever there are Indigenous Peoples struggling and fighting for their right to exist.

    The final decision from the DA has to be on the desk of the Judge by March 4th I believe. Beck's attorney is going to release information to the Courts concerning how he can prove Beck is innocent this weekend I think. I was hoping that maybe we could network together, and that maybe you could send out an email to your Native American Student body to come hear my presentation. I am free anytime and would love to present this information to the Native Constituency at OU with your support and organization. If at all possible I would love to present this movement tomorrow evening... if its possible. I have some friends and relatives that go to OU as well, but you my brother have the power of your email list. I am working with one of the movements ministers of information to try to create public awareness on this issue and will be doing a news broadcast on channel 4 on Friday, more than likely... but I would like to start on sending letters to the legislators as soon as possible. Maybe even we could do the News Broadcast at OU in the Jim Thorpe Building. I am preparing a website, so the public can go there and hear the full story of my three family members righteous lives and about the injustices my family is facing today. On this website I will included Adobe Acrobat letters you can print off and mail in to Oklahoma Legislators. I also plan to list all the organizations that are in support of this struggle.

    I thank you for your time, your attention and your consideration.


    R. Sam Spang
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.

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    I received this in an email and I know the guy personally. I thought it would be good to pass this info along. Its a really sad story that the women were killed in such a fashion. Its sad to hear that the killer will only serve a short term.

    Support this Back Extrapolation and tell your Congressmen and your Senators about how you feel about all this.

    I looked up the term Back Extrapolation on the internet and have concluded that its a way to infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information for the unknown...
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      There is probably some kind of mathematical formula
      that can be used to determine what a person's blood alcohol
      content was x number of hours before it is measured by the
      police; it is metabolized at a certain rate.


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        I lived in Lincoln county 15 years.. There will be no justice for an Indian there.
        My bark is worse than my bite


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          Need to get to the public about this. TV, Radios, Newspapers.

          " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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            Sounds typical. But will the mainstream pay attention? The hit and run priest in AZ got some press, but few mainstreamers mentioned that the victim was native.
            Fish eyed fool!


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              SIGN THIS!!
              Got percap?


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                I signed I guess I was the 10th person to do so? Good luck getting more people to sign. :D


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                  Contact Info

                  R. Sam Spang, please contact me at [email protected]


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